Roughriders release receiver?

The Roughriders have released receiver Greg Carr today after the opening game against Edmonton. Carr came from Edmonton last season to Saskatchewan.

Carr couldn’t make this team.

I didn't say he could, I just posted what I read on the CFL site?

good luck ever lining up against carr, bakari grant and fantuz on an onside kick attempt (either way)

Just answering gerbear's etc. question that was sure to follow.

Has tools, but he's off his third team in two years. Something is not right. "Soft" label follows him around.

thought it was the "not-clutch" label

Maybe he wasn't good with the media. Or maybe he put the sharpie to close to his nose too often.

He has never really impressed that much anywhere he's been. He's generally kept around because he's a 6'6" target and has the physical tools. Probabl;y should not have made the Riders out of camp, but Kierre Johnson and Geroy went to the injured list. I suspect that one of them will be activated this week (probably Kierre) and they needed the roster spot. From all accounts Kierre had a strong camp and as far as I'm concerned personally, all the guy did at BC was make plays. :thup: