Roughriders release defensive end Charleston Hughes

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have released American defensive end Charleston Hughes, the team announced on Wednesday.

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We better not get him. If Hughes ever lines up with Jeffcoat and Jefferson then no team will survive intact. Every QB WILL BE crunched. Season done. Might as well mail Winnipeg the Cup.

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That would be a scary thing to see to see if your an opposing Quarterback. I wonder how much cap space the Bombers have? If they did land him, they would have the best 1 - 2 punch with Jefferson and Hughes.

Having said that, they released Micah Awe who I feel is one of the hardest hitting Linebackers in the game. Imagine if the Bombers had him as well? That would be a nightmare of a defense.

I think the sweepstakes to obtain Hughes is wide open. I'm not able to predict where he will land. As an Argonauts fan, I'd love to see him in the Double Blue so he can pound the Hamilton Pussy - Cats. Lol.

I really liked Hughes and his performance in Calgary. It was a shock and real disappointment when the Stamps let him go. And that disappointment grew during his time in Sask. He is getting long in the tooth but does appear (at least in 2019) to still have what it takes to help his team succeed on Defense. Unfortunately I doubt Huff would bring him back as a Stamp both because he doesn't do that and because I don't think he has Cap space. So Sad, because he certainly would be super welcome by Stampeder Fans.

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Well said. Your looking at a player that has been solid for many years and no doubt will be a 1st Ballot Hall of Famer.

One player I always felt bad for also and is more of a later boomer is Shawn Lemon. He's been a moving carousel with many teams. BC released him, and now he signed with Edmonton.

I loved him in Toronto when he played here. He is such a class act.

A big thank you to GM Jeremy O'Day and the Sakatchewan Roughriders. The Argos will now be bolstered with "The Sack Master"aka Charleston Hughe's aboard the good ship Argonaut. There is no place to go but up after 2 years with a 4-14 record ! :rofl: