Roughriders officially hire Jones as HC/GM

Anyone hear about this? Any truth to it or is this guy just fishing?

Roughriders interested in Eskimos' Jones

My thoughts on this is the Riders would be very fortunate to hire Jones. Chris has a very good resume (experience), personnel relations, scouting and on top of all that would be an increase in pay from $310,00 to likely over $600,00. As for any truth to this, I wouldn't doubt it.

This is how it is going to work if the Riders go poaching. Ed is going to take the number $$ back to the President and the board is going to match the number. Edmonton won't lose Jones over money.

It would only be fishing if the report was that Chris Jones was interested in going to Saskatchewan. Other than Hamilton, who the hell wouldn't be interested in Chris Jones?

Wow a near $700K potential salary being tossed by the very rich Riders, sure would make anyone think about it.

The article mentions GM/HC role similar to what Huf and Wally have done previously. I don't put a whole lot of stock in the article, seems like Lawless just tossing stuff to see what will stick. BUT, Edmonton would be in a tough spot if Chris Jones wants a promotion, unless they get Hervey to step aside. I get the feeling that Edmonton's success is more Chris Jones and less Ed Hervey.

I think it'll all be moot anyways, probably nothing to this rumour. Just Lawless being lawless.

If Edmonton doesn't give permission, that kind of ends that doesn't it?

Edmonton can give him a similar salary and he does not have to deal with the extra work load and he keeps spending time off in the winter. Ed would also get a raise... Its all good.

Edmonton would be silly not to match, and could easily pay Jones whatever anyone else offered. That being said, what if he wants a bigger role? Would the Eskimos dump Hervey to keep Jones if he wanted to stay and take on more responsibility?

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News
.@garylawless reported #Riders Pres. @craigreynolds8 “keenly interested? in talking to Jones about being GM/HC...#CFL via @rjmackinnon 1/2

CFL News ?@CFL_News
cont'd...& is prepared to pay Chris Jones as much as $750K a season for being both GM/HC of the #Riders. #CFL via @rjmackinnon 2/2[/b]

about the Riders looking to talk to Jones about the GM/HC position?

he just wins a Grey Cup and not 24 hours after some jackass in the Media is already talking to him about the rumor of the Riders going to ask the Eskimos for Permission to talk with Jones about the opening for GM and HC.

the nerve of the Reporter!

I tell you, if I had been Chris Jones I would have been like “get away from me you asshole” and then gave him a real good evil stare!

why would you ask him that question RIGHT AWAY?

let him enjoy the victory for a while unbelievable…

well the Riders are reported to offer Jones a $750,000 per season contract and while it may have been a discourteous time to ask the question is still a story that deserves attention/followup.

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News
.@garylawless reported #Riders Pres. @craigreynolds8 “keenly interested? in talking to Jones about being GM/HC...#CFL via @rjmackinnon 1/2

CFL News ?@CFL_News
cont'd...& is prepared to pay Chris Jones as much as $750K a season for being both GM/HC of the #Riders. #CFL via @rjmackinnon 2/2[/b]

yes but they could have waited till next week or month.

totally unprofessional to ask barely a day after they win.

I know I'd have been quite ticked and would have said so.

No, they should ask when they have access to him. It would be irresponsible to not ask a pressing question -- and it is a matter of pressing concern to fans of both teams -- out of some sense of "he needs time to celebrate."

Lawless actually went on the field after the win and asked the question while he was celebrating with his guys !
For Reynolds to throw Jones name in the hat days before the game shows that CFL Commish has zero authority and control over these teams.

The Eskimos have an opportunity to rebuild their fan base after a ten year erosion yet they allow a team President to make a statement like this on the eve of the guy under contract coaching in the GC the same weekend.

Terrible reporting, terrible leadership. Because of Reynolds inexperience all teams will now have a new baseline as to what GM and HC are paid in the CFL. Eskimos will be forced to match the money, they can't afford to let its HC walk to the team next door or they might as well put the key in the door.

Let's flip the shoes. Can you imagine Saskatchewan fans outrage if this was their coach being publicly offered a job on the eve of a GC ?

Jones made the right play. He's going to get a massive new multi-year contract with the Eskimos out of this. It will make it easy for Rhodes to put their board in a situation where they rubber stamp a big raise for Jones and Hervey. Eskimos will win big from this while Saskatchewan will be lucky to keep O'Day around and will now be faced with a new economic reality of their own creation when they hire a new HC and GM.

Gary Lawless is obviously well connected but it's stuff like this which epitomizes my general disdain for his work. He's so focused on trying to scoop other people it becomes ridiculous. Does he really expect a coach or GM moments after playing and in this case winning a championship game is going to admit any interest in working for another team and then somehow go back in the room to celebrate with his players? He gets so fixated on things it's like a dog with a bone. That's why he's a "columnist" and not a reporter.

Maybe there needs to be a moratorium on coaching/management hirings and firings until after the Grey Cup, or on announcements at least. All the talk about Hufnagel and Jones being targets for the Riders every day of the week leading up to the West final I thought overshadowed the game. The focus should be on the field until after the last game of the season. It wouldn't hurt to have more CFL talk in the off season to help fill in the void until free agency in February.

I agree. Very cheap ... Your right about rules. This is a big problem why we can't get this league to grow. The commish is a sock puppet.

Who needs to imagine? Remember the outrage from people like Rod Pederson when Kirk Penton wrote in his Sun articles about anonymous CFL insiders speculating Chamblin and Taman being potentially fired earlier this season? It was irresponsible journalism and unethical! But yet it's OK for them to openly speculate about coaches under contract to other teams when they want something, regardless of timing or journalistic "ethics"?