Roughriders' new Head Coach thread

LeaderPost article sounds like Taman is favouring, defensive co-ordinator and assistant coach, Greg Marshall of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

I don't know how Matt Dunigan is getting interest. I love the guy but he's been out of coaching for like a decade and he only coached one season. How anybody could favour Dunigan over Richie Hall is confusing to me.

Kavis Reed . . . Thank all the gods there are that he did not get put into place as the Riders coach, I woulda' fainted.

Doug Berry is not going to be the man because they want to keep Durant with an OC longer than a season so they can develop him better. Of course, Berry could remain OC if he was HC, but that would take away from the Durant to OC relationship, IMO.

Well if Berry doesn't get the job couldn't he potentially lose the OC position with a new HC picking his own coaching staff? Unless Tamen and Miller recomend to the new HC that Berry stay on, then we would have an Eskimo situation where Machoka called all the shots. Look where that got them. In any event, I'm nervous!! lol

the thing I've heard though is that if someone else gets the job, that Berry will leave.

The word is that Durant has had too many OCs since he was a starter. This has prevented him from developing because he is constanly having to change his style of play execution.

Why would Berry leave if he doesn't get the HC spot? So he could go be OC somewhere else? What's the point in leaving a championship potential team, so he can start all over somewhere different?

That's an easy one to understand.

He could leave if he happens not to get along with whoever gets the head coach job. I'm not saying that he doesn't get along with Marshall or Hall (or whatever other dark horse candidate there may be). . . just that it's a possibility.

Can anyone tell me if there have even been any interviews done for the HC job? All I've heard is speculation of who it may be but no hard evidence that Taman or Miller have even spoken to anyone.

Well this appeared in the Leader Post back on 8 December:

"Taman and Miller have already started the process of interviewing candidates. They have also contacted some teams for permission to talk to prospective head coaches who are still members of their respective staffs."

Doesn't say who was interviewed though.

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thanks madjack :smiley:

You're welcome sparkyjay !

TSN now reporting that SSK has asked and received permission from Montreal to talk to Scott Milanovich.

good move! :slight_smile:

Just saw an interview on CTV with Taman. Sounds like there is another candidate in Calgary (?) with one of the coaches there (not Dickerson or Jones) who, you guessed it, was in Winnipeg, when Taman was there. He's young though. I just prey to god that we break the Winnipig connection with our new head coach.

I like that Taman is doing his due diligence here by interviewing a wide variety of candidates. That said, I am not sure Scott is ready to be a head coach just yet. He's only had four years of CFL experience (three as offensive coordinator, one as quarterbacks coach), and he's also worked very closely with Trestman, who calls the offensive plays. Is he at the point where he can work effectively without a safety net? He may be ready, but it's hard to know at this point in time.

Corey Chamblin, the Stamps’ secondary coach.

I totally agree. If the bombers had been perpetual 1st placers when he was there then I might feel differently.

Saw Taman picking up Milanovitch at the airport tonight. Taman rocking the sweatpants. Wasn't sure it was him, so I didn't say anything. Googled him when I got home and it definitely was Milanovitch.


Grease stains and chocolate bar wraps sticking out a pocket ?

Nice, nice guy. Zero cool !

Ya only in Sask can you pull that off, lol!! Maybe he had just come from a slumber party and picked him up on the way home?

Good find Billy Soup!! Stand by for your next covert op!! :wink:

...soupman, was Taman rocking dress shoes with his sweats?

...thought that was only an Edmonton fashion statement...