Roughriders just 30 minutes away...


Do I smell roast turkey?? Oh Turkeybend???? Where aarrrrreee yoooooou? Oh, Loooooo.seeeee….????

The Riders are in complete control of this game…. so far but as we CFLers all know so much can happen in the second half. The Lions were in complete control last week and look what happened. :roll:

Sheets is on fire and Cornish is being stuffed. Glenn cannot get on track and Durant is having a lot of fun. What a great combination. It will be interesting to see what happens in the second half but if the Riders continue at this pace it will be a Riders/Ti-Cats Grey Cup for sure. That will suit me just fine. Sorry Stamps fans but as consolation I do enjoy red and white jelly-beans. :wink:

My main concern? That last play of the 1st half. That one play resulted in the Riders forfeiting a possible single, a FG, or a 7 point TD. How unfortunate. :frowning: I sure hope that one play doesn't come back to bite the Riders when all is said and done. Unfortunately, it can.

I still believe that if Cornish can be thrown off his game, the Riders have an excellent chance of winning the Western Final.

“Turnovers” is what did it I tell ya.

The Riders are not only in the 2013 but they are hosting it. That is an awesome combination. As well as Calgary played all season nothing in the CFL can be taken for granted.

Next week should be an excellent match-up. Fantuz against his old teammates. Coach Austin of the Ti-Cats played QB for the Roughriders and actually led the team to a Grey Cup championship in 1989 against of all teams…. Hamilton.

Durant, [QB] for SSK, gets yet another chance to help redeem his team having seen his team go down to defeat in SSK’s previous two Grey Cup meetings, both against the Als. The 2009 GC would have been SSK’s except for a monumental “too many men” error. The Roughies had a chance to square things up by earning a re-match against the Als in 2010, only to come up empty handed again. In that game Durant had been instrumental in engineering an almost come from behind win.

Lots will be happening in this year’s Grey Cup. Both teams are fully deserving having made it this far. Congrats to the Stamps and Toronto for their efforts.