Roughriders Guaranteed to beat Ottawa

Last night on the radio broadcast of the Hamilton at Saskatchewan game the play-by-play man - whose identity is unknown to me but who works opposite the excellent Luc Mullinder - referred to the upcoming clash between the Roughriders and Ottawa at Mosaic as "Guaranteed Win Night". Hope he was wearing his face mask as he was practically drooling over the microphone.

Anyway you can take it to the bank courtesy of Roughrider radio:

"The Roughriders are guaranteed to beat the REDBLACKS."

Peter Boyle Ottawa

The way Sask is playing now, that could be true. But you never know… how’s Farjardo’s ankle?

…I would guess single-game betting probably agrees with the colour guy

No doubt about it, the Riders at home for the 3rd straight game.

With merely a 2-0 record, ridernation has gained an arrogance exceeding what they have faulted Stampeder fans for decades.

Rider nation ? That's a stretch even Trumo would be jealous in its depth

A few posters no more represent all rider fans than you do for stamp fans


The Riders might be heavily favored next week but I for one never take an opponent lightly.

Ottawa's offense in particular looked aenemic in week 1, but they've had a bye to rectify anything that they didn't like. They may well have tweaked their scheme, adding new stuff, making most of their week 1 film redundant. Sask defense will have to be ready for anything. Perhaps even gadget plays.

Just because some putz on the radio shot his mouth off does not necessarily mean that Rider Nation is arrogant.


Well if I was to ever guarantee a Stampeder victory, I would be told how typically I represent the arrogance of Stampeder fans. So using that standard I would say my comment is valid,. Especially when the comments are agreeing with what was said,

Nobody talks about Stampeder fans. There's barely any on the forums to talk about.

Did I say these sentiments where exclusive to this forum?

Remember early last season when Ottawa started 2-0 and Sask started 0-2 and Dominique Davis looked like a superstar? Can't put too much stock in the first 2 games of a season.

That was 2 years ago, different team, different head coach different D coach and O coach. Dominique Davis is now the backup.
But the Riders are at home for a 3rd straight game and they should win this game.

If the Ottawa offensive game is the same as it was against the Elks - - yes it would be a guarantee. But with with any form of offensive continuity - Ottawa's "D" could be a lot to deal with which in my mind would take away the guarantee.

Completely different situation. Neither team had a good number 1 QB at the beginning of the season, Davis caught a flash in the pan, Fajardo turned out to be a gem in the rough. Now this season, Sask has a very similar team it went 13-5 with, while Ottawa has an aging Nichols who has never been a world beater in his career and he got really lucky to have his flaws covered up by a lights out Bomber run game. Yes Ottawa might need awhile to gel, however I don't see any upside in their QB situation. They have Nichols who should be a career backup, and Davis who has a super inaccurate arm.

Either way, no game is a guarantee, but there is a lot more upside to the Riders than the Redblacks this year.

Joe Namath said something similar in Super Bowl III