Roughriders fans need to move on with Burris...

I am amazed at how long us Rider fans continue to haggle Burris, even after how many seasons he has been gone.

like does anyone know how to get a life and move forward anymore?

I don't even care anymore that he left us. It was 3-4 seasons ago!

I can't understand why fans think that he even cares that the Fans boo him because 4 seasons ago he decided to sign in Calgary!

pretty ridiculous if you ask me!


Oh that guy in calgary... We moved on, we just like to watch him get all scrambly when we shout out his name...

shout out Booris a few times and the guy can't play...

I don't think people really care anymore that Burris left. They just like to have fun at the games with him. I think he likes it too. It's not really a big deal.

We love him and he loves us. Just look at his quotes before a game with the Riders. He'll go out and admit how the Rider fans are the best fans in the league (sometimes he'll say world). He likes the attention he gets in Regina more than he does at home, because we care about football.

He loves the attention. We love getting on his case. It's all in good fun.

Talked with Henery at last years grey cup. He knows its just a rider thing. He has no annamosity or grudge agaist us, in fact I believe he enjoys it. He told me it just makes him laugh. Of coarse he just laught at me when I ask him when was cooming back too. :wink:

Your nuts if you think we care. Maybe 1% of us still hold a grudge. Personally my favorite time of the year is going to a Calgary game just to have fun with him. I have always taken part in the Henry chant and always will as long as he's playing but the fact is i dont midn the guy at all. I really love it when he's been off the field and they are on defense for at least 3 plays and the "Henry" chant is still going on!

Did anyone see his "Thanksgiving Day" blurb during the game last monday?
"I'd like to wish everyone except the Roughrider fans a Happy Thanksgiving, just joking"

it's all just for fun now.

I think we owe Burris a huge thank you. If he were a real man of his word we would never have had the opportunity to have the CFL MVP play with us and lead us to a Grey Cup. Burris said, 1 month before signing with the Stamps, that he loves it here and is not leaving until he brings the cup to Sask. We would still be waiting, and for that a huge thanks to Burris for having no integrity.

I believe that if Burris has stuck around and waited for the firing of Roy and Danny

he'd have won that Grey Cup! and he'd be happy :slight_smile:

but Roy was an ass.

Maybe, maybe not. He's been playing on a good team in Calgary and hasn't been able to get it done there. I'm happy with the way it's turned out.

I don't hold a grudge but it is so much fun to yell at him while he is here.........

I don't plan on stopping

I think everyone has long moved on. I'm not a huge Burris fan but I don't know why anyone would hold a grudge off the field against him.

In fact, I wish we would get that loud against every Quarterback in this league.

after they got knocked out of the playoffs a few years back and he said he was staying in Regina for the long run to bring a cup back to Sask, then off season signs with Calgary, yeah good move :roll: love when he loses it come playoffs

He never sends me a Christmas card.