Roughriders' Duke Williams, Elks' Matthew Thomas fined

TORONTO — The CFL has announced the following fine resulting from Week 10:

An additional fine has been handed down from Week 9:

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anyone know what security protocol Williams violated?

Grabbing a fan's nachos after a td, I'm guessing


I cant even find anything on what the CFL Security Protocols are.

How many times do the Bombers take their whole offense or defense into the crowd yet no fines?

CFL=Big Joke

It was just a guess, don't read it as gospel

In yet the Bombers can run around IG Field like children celebrating after TDs?

Yes because they are the choir boys. Listening to Dunnigan et al suggest they play "clean" even as their MOP candidate in 2019 was using PEDs. Quite funny

Do you suppose William's fine was because he did his escapade in Edmonton interacting with presumably Elks fans, rather than at home with Rider fans? All kinds of potential problems there.


If that is indeed what the fine was for, I expect the difference is that Duke took something from the fans (the nachos) whereas the Bombers typically just interact with the fans. It could also be the fact that he ate some of the nachos. There's no way to know for certain what was in those nachos and allowing players to ingest random food/beverages from the stands during a game sounds like a massive can of worms best left unopened.

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Duke Williams is becoming a real bad dude with the CFL league, Reminds me of Duron Carter! Both been associated with the Riders when they got in trouble. Coincidence ???

Williams probably broke some new rules put in place after the East final fracas with players and fans last year.....

Take it for what it's worth...

Can't say I entirely agree with Dukes fine here, it was Sask fans he was among, but I guess it evens out for not getting a fine for humping the end zone a few weeks back.

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They were all in rider jerseys...

Most expensive nachos he ever bought.

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Yea you would think they would F-ing explain this stuff

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It's likely the security protocol says they can not cross any physical barrier to interact with fans or other players.

That can be the only thing as there was no fine for the attempted (and rejected) jump into the stands in the Hamilton/Toronto game.

So what about the fact several Riders were back there with him? :thinking:

No doubt its ridiculous. I dont care for the misconduct penalties,meaning its a joke that they are called,and they dont even tell us what they are
I read there was a brawl with Patriots and other NFL team, CFL Comm considering flags on every player to cut down on violence