Roughriders Doomed if they sign Printers

ok, this guy is very over rated.. he has passed is welcome in the CFL.

if Saskatchewan signs this guy, they're toast for 2009!

and I will personally hang up my football jersey for the season!

I'm confident that the Roughriders are not stupid enough to go after him, ESPECIALLY after promising Durant #1 QB.

so for all you hopefuls who want the Riders to sign him, give your head a shake! sheeesh.

If that includes you not posting here anymore, thereby eliminating unnecessary Eskimo fan trolling and whinings of various natures, I'm all of a sudden pulling for Printers to go to Regina...

Why just the season? Why not hang it up permanently? :smiley:

I would love to see Printers come to Saskatchewan! YES he pretty much sucked last yr, but you have to look at the players he played with in Hamilton compared to what he had when he was with BC. If you give him recievers comparable to what he had in BC in 04 when he tore up the league, you just might get that magic back. Saskatchewan has that (infact Clermont was one of them I believe). I really don't know much about the financial details at to whether or not the riders would have to pick up all or a portion of his salary, and if that's the case then it would obviously be a stupid move to sign him for that kind of money. But his market value has dropped significantly from last season and he could therefore potentially be a great bargain if the Riders wouldn't be obligated to pay his salary from Hamilton (which honestly at the time seemed like a smart move by a desperate team looking for a franchise QB).
I know there are a lot of knocks against Printers but I think it would be awesome to see if he could resurrect his career in Saskatchewan. Personally, if Durant is our offence to him but I don't see myself taking the 2.5 hr drive this year to Mosaic stadium to watch him play. Printers on the other hand I would. He was just the wrong fit in Hamilton and sometimes all a player needs is a change of scenery.

I willl second that motion.. Printers benefitted from having a good group of receivers in BC, and our receiving corps is just as good. Remember that DJ Flick and Kamau Peterson had comeback seasons with new teams after a poor year in Hamilton. Printers may not start, BUT he could be a great guy to have around if Durant either gets injured, or just plain sucks.

And if you want a direct Q.B. comparison to how the TEAM is the most significant thing just look at Joseph. M.V.P. and Grey Cup champ, to out of the playoffs and local whipping boy in less than 12 months. At least now the Argos have realized this and committed to him, but what about last year? Should he also be banned from the C.F.L. for that TEAM performance??

Yes. It is all the team. Which is why both Richie Williams And Quentin Porter had better stats and apparently a better team to play for than Casey Printers last year…

A team will perform better when it has nothing to lose... and Hamilton effectively had nothing to lose in its final 6 to 8 games. Funny how that works eh, Arius?

if they could get printers for cheap then i wouldn't mind him suiting up in sask. as long as he understands that he is a BACKUP there to help guide durant. you can never disrespect the value of a veteran backup QB.

It is funny. How at the end of 2007, when Printers first hit Steeltown, and the Cats had nothing to play for, Richie Williams still looked better than Printers. And how early in the year, when Casey was nursing the latest "owie" on the sidelines AND the Ticats were still in the hunt, again, Richie Williams came in and outperformed Casey. And if a team out of it plays better, why can't they play better with the LEADER, and 1st stringer, Mr. Printers, than with the other guys?
Sorry, I don't buy your theory.
And the number of teams lining up to sign Casey right now, the Riders NOT among them, tells us something, doesn't it? The rumour in Riderville is we have exactly 0 interest among our coaching staff to sign Casey.

I’d rather bring back Marcus. And I hear that Bishop is still available. Can’t disrespect the value of a veteran back-up…oops…I think I just did…
I’ve said this so many times now, but… there isn’t a starting QB in the league that has had success in any measurable quantity that wasn’t a bonafide starter by the time they had been in the league as long as Durant and Jyles. Not one guy. And so if these guys can’t do it now, they never will. We don’t need to “back” them up. We need to play them and find out if they are any bloody good.
Based solely on last year, Darian Durant AND Stephen Jyles are better QBs than Casey Printers.
Why on god’s green earth would we toss that away to likely completely disrupt team chemistry and stunt the development (yet again) of those guys just so a flake (and proven disappointment) like Casey Printers can salvage his career.
Just the fact you want to bring the guy in and have him understand he is THE BACKUP, tells us much. If you aren’t bringing the guy to camp to compete why bring him in at al?
The only way we bring him in is he is dirt cheap–maybe he should pay us?–and we let him stew on the practice roster and prove he deserves to move up. 4th string for the Riders. And then let him COMPETE with the rookies.If he can beat Teale Orban out of a job, we let him pick up coffee for Dalton Bell.

Anyway, I believe it is a moot point. The Riders supposedly have 0 interest in this guy. Best move ET has made regarding QBs in two years…

Printers is not banned....If no-one wants him then no-one wants him.

Printers is done. He ruined himself by going to the NFL to eary,they took a great running QB and tried to make him a pocket passer, now he can't do either. Printers was a fool and only has himself to blame.

Careful what you wish for. But, if you get him, don't quit the CFL..... I have some brown paper bags I can loan you. I had purchased them when the "Printers to BC " rumour was floating around.

Seriously, he is so overated, and a cancer in the dressing room. Tore the BC Lions locker room apart. Remember, he was on his way to sign with Montreal before Hamilton intercepted him at the airport and signed him there. (Bet everyone forgot that incident). His agent is well, (Unprintable here). I wouldn't want him. You guys deserve better!

I think that Printers should go to Montreal. Basically follow the same path as AC did. AC was terrible in Hamilton, sucked it up and went to Montreal and held a clipboard for Tracy Ham and learnt from him. Best move AC ever made. I think that if Printers has matured and wants to play, that is the most logical place for him to go. Also solves Montreals succession issues as AC is getting on in age and I don't believe that they have a legitamite backup that could run as a number 1 QB.

I'm sure that there are alot of people who will not agree with what I just wrote, but it makes more sense to me then the riders signing him when they have 3 young QBs that they are very high on, Durant/Jyles/Bell.


I'd like to see Printers get another shot somewhere in the league, preferably with a contender, where he has a good oline to work behind and then see what he does.

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