Roughriders Coach's Show

This little intro was shown this morning on Regina morning TV. Interesting concept for the CFL; are any other teams already doing it/considering it? In terms of getting new people to learn the game, it could be pretty neat and for huge fans, definitely a must see type thing.

I'm annoyed that I can't see it here in Alberta... :frowning:

so Rider Roundtable on TV

Shaw with the time shift package shows global sask

Round table is mostly the hosts talking amongst themselves with a little team input, this is more the coaches analysing the previous weeks games and being interviewed about the team. So more like a press conference/inner workings film study session.

We’ll see what the first one is like tonight though.

And Riders17, try looking at the global website tomorrow. They put up newscasts, so maybe they will throw this online too. Worth a check.

I'm sadly with Telus and could not find Global SSK

:( :(