Roughriders called a media conference! ET resigns (merged)

Just got this new Tweet!

CFLca The Saskatchewan Roughriders have called a media conference for today at 2:00pm local time. #CFL

You gotta think it's regarding the future of Eric Tillman

probably is and its about time this soap opera ends
either way
On a side note the roughriders are proud to give every 13th person attending a Tillman bobblehead doll.

:rockin: it's their annual announcement about how far over the cap they were :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: ....

Well if you can generate it, you may as well spend it. Otherwise it will go to keep the Eastern teams afloat. It still would by way of fines I guess. Do you know when the loss of draft picks comes in? ie. do you have to be more than a certain amount over before losing picks? Just wondering how many picks the Esks will lose this year. :lol:

Don't even joke about that. You'll start a 15-page argument.

Actually, I think the conference is to announce whether Dominguez or Cleremont will get the listing on Tillmans house, should they be parting ways in the forseeable future.

Maybe Tillman was on meds so any deals he made dont count against the Cap LMAO

Well then being on meds seems like a good way to make deals. :wink:

TSN is saying he's stepping down. A loss for the CFL...

The live press conference on 620 CKRM says the same. Tillman has resigned.

Smart boy... Now Nicholson better not reward him.

....i think he could resurface in T.O.......NO-WAY in the Peg....but then stranger things have happened in river city :roll:
....He;s still a talented football man.....may carry too much baggage though

I don't think he carries too much baggage. Look at Vick. He seems to be fitting in well in Philly. To be honest, I wasn't a big fan of him returning, but I've certainly accepted it. I think if Tillman spends a year, maybe two, out of the spotlight, he'll be able to come back no problem.

Let's remember, he's shown real remorse... unlike Gilbert Arenas. I think that goes a long way. Apparently even Vick has shown remorse. I haven't been following him that closely, but I do know he's spoken with Dungy a couple times, and Dungy's said Vick is sorry for what he did.

Toronto, (re)meet Eric Tillman.

He'll be hired somewhere in the football world I would think.

I dunno. His wife hates the east, and made him promise his career would never take them there again. I think a player personnell position/scout for someone, where he can just work out of the States and be low profile. That is, after all, what he is best at, and not to shabby of a pay cheque eighther. I hear housing is a little on the cheap side down there these days so he will get a good bang for his Canadian savings account. I wish him well wherever he ends up.

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After holding on to his job by the belt loops, Eric Tillman decided there wasn't enough wiggle room for him to ride out this sexual misconduct mess he got himself into and bailed today.

I unno, I think this is worse than Vick.

If Tillman had done more than stick his thumbs in the girl's belt loops, I might agree with you. But Vick was responsible for torturing and killing dogs.

Dryhumping a 16 year old is more than sticking his thumbs in someone's belt loops.