Roughriders at Stampeders GT, Fri Oct. 24, 9:30pm et

Roughriders at Stampeders
Fri. Oct. 24
9:30PM ET / 6:30PM PT on TSN1, TSN4 and TSN5

Calgary is pretty much home and cooled as the team looks ahead to the playoffs. Saskatchewan finds itself in a dogfight to maintain its place in the West standings and avoid having to get into the dance via a crossover. Calgary should prevail in the second game of the CFL on TSN Friday doubleheader. We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


It's early in the first quarter and still scoreless at McMahon Stadium.

1-0 Stamps - this IS a football game - isn't it? Looks like the red defense is making life difficult for the green offense so far almost halfway through the first quarter.

Milo gets the greenies on the board with a FG ending a drive that started with a bid 41 yd scamper by roughie Toston.
3-1 but the nags are on the march - or should I say the run? Walters, Cote and Mitchell all with rushes and Walter with one more scamper makes it to the end zone for he major.

8-3 Stamps end of the first quarter.

Greenies respond with a drive of their own and a TD by Bagg to take the lead. 10-8

Well if that WASN'T pass interference I don't know what is but Chamblin and his D player think they have a case! :roll:
Fortunately for the Stamps they don't. Tate punches it in for the major. Helps to close the gap after Mitchell deep in his own end tossed a pick that was quickly returned for a TD :oops:

20 - 15 at the half for the greenies.

Greenies add to their lead with a T by Getzlaf midway through the 3rd. 27-15

Stamps coming back. Thick Nick gets it close. Walter just finished it off. 30-27

pick 6 game over…I like Joseph but dislike the Riders

Stamps have come back late in the 3rd and in the fourth with 2 TDs and two additional points to regain the lead.
Now 30-27 Stamps with just over 6 minutes to go.

Rider (ex-Ticat) Boudreaux went down just prior to the last TD with what appeared to be an ankle injury.

Stamps just put another nail in the green coffin with a pick off Joseph returned 50 yds for a TD. Just payback for the earlier D TD by the green!

Now 37-27 Stamps.

Make that a pick x 2! :rockin: :thup: Agree with your sentiment about the Riders. Glad I'm not the only one commenting here on the game too! :slight_smile:

Well only three pts off the 2nd pick but enough to kepp the game out of reach with a 13 point lead now 40-27

I don't think the Riders have scored any points at all in the second half - although I might be wrong - might have scored that last TD early in the 3rd.

Joseph goes for one last TD toss to the end zone and is picked off AGAIN by Wall! Under a minute to go seals the deal for the Stamps with a 40-27 win. :smiley:

Seems that the Riders can only play one good half of football lately - if that! Not that I'm complaining!

I couldn't stay with the entire game last night.

Even at 41, and new to the team, Joseph still looks like their best quarterback.

Nice to see Chamblin not looking nearly so relaxed on the sidelines. Instead, he looked quite intense and ready to drill a player who made an error.

After last night's game, I'm sure they'll be wind sprints for everyone again.

Taman will be going over the salary cap big time.