Roughriders AT RedBlacks

RedBlacks are gonna show the Roughriders what a real rough ride is, this coming August weekend.
Prediction: Ottawa 59 Saskatchewan 3

Doing the crack again eh ?

Just making a prediction.
Is that against forum rules here?

:roll: Lol I predict your going to be wrong again. I hope you don't put any money on that prediction I would hate to see you lose your shirt.

No, just a question:

Why make this lopsided prediction in the Saskatchewan forum where it will be annoying, rather than the Redblacks' forum where it would be welcome, or the CFL forum where it could be debated from all sides?

He doesn't bet.

He did the same thing last week and yes naturally there was some backlash especially after the last time he was here he was talking trash about the Riders. He ended up getting banned but oh lucky us hes back and still at it.
After the game last night he did go into the post and congratulated the Riders and I thought maybe he was an Argos fan and was just trying to get something going about that game.

I guess that isn't the case as here he is again now predicting a lopsided completely unrealistic score once again just trying to poke the bear. Kind of sad really that this is what you do to amuse yourself.

Because he only posts in here and his sole purpose of posting is to antagonize Rider fans.

No, I think he's more broadminded than that. He was just on the Als' forum suggesting that Montreal bring Dinwiddie out of retirement. :roll:

lol why just tick off one set of fans when there's nine teams? Just so much more fun. :roll:

Controversy is very very good for business.
You really don’t get anywhere in life or business by playing it 100% of the time nice and trying to please everyone. ya see.......?
And what makes anyone here think that my lopsided Sask/Toronto score was a slam on the Roughriders, instead of a reverse psychology manouver on my part....

Now now, JimmytheGrease, I am not attempting to poke any bear.
Just look at my previous prediction and how it turned out for the Roughriders. Stop.
Just look at my current prediction for this upcoming weekend as far as the Roughriders are concerned.
Think about it for a second....

lol whatever dude

Because you still won't take me on one on one. You spent the last 3 days fucking with Jimmy and the others and completely avoiding me. If you can't take the hits, don't swing first.

its probably best to just ignore him as with all trollers if no one reacts they eventually get bored and move on. Yes it may take some time and yes no doubt he will resort to name calling and any trick in the book to get a reaction. Too bad they allow this to go on but it is what it is. Just think of it as an unwanted relative house guest that you have to put up with until they decide to move on. Not a pleasant thing to have to do but not the end of the world either.

In the absence of enforcement of the forums second amendment - it's best to simply ignore people like him.

I am glad to date no one is retaliating in other teams areas. People like this poster feed off responses - don't feed him.

What you need to understand is the team forums are like safe havens. They exist so that fans of a respective team can discuss their team. Coming into another team's forum and intentionally trying to antagonize its fans is against the rules. If you'd like to make predictions, feel free to post them in the main board. That board is more of a free-for-all.

And yet it is being allowed to carry on. Why have rules if they are not followed? It has been very obvious what this character is up to and has been for almost a week but nothing has been done about it. Can any one answer that?

Riders 42-6!

Just making a prediction.
Is that against forum rules here?
Because he only posts in here and his sole purpose of posting is to antagonize Rider fans.
Its funny though.... It works. The easiest thing to make him go away is to ignore him. Can everyone please stop replying to his nonsense? We all can still have effective chat and share our opinions without responding to him. If he keeps wanting to come into our forums and poke the bear, let him. If no one acknowledges him, its minutes of his life he will never get back.

I am officially ignoring him starting..... Now!