Roughriders at Lions Week 7 - 2017 season....

Huge game for both teams but I think it is more important for the Roughriders to win cuz they can't see the other divisional teams get any further ahead of them.

Expecting an exciting game and hoping the Riders win big......

Depends which q.b. Stays on his feet

Good game so far, but Holy Crap the TSN crew is so over the top in love with the lions.... it makes it hard to listen to - TSN for visual and Rider radio for the play it is then.

Time for The Joker, Kevin Glenn & Doug Brown to join the TSN panel - especially if rumours bout Schultzie's health re true. Costs TSN tons to fly in Dunigan & Milt every weekend!

The score flatters the Riders ..... Not getting blown out ( Knock on wood ) but they can't get into a rhythm on offense.

Lulay is just being the seasoned Vet, seen it all, doing what he wants.
Sask has to pound him and they don't seem to be able to.

An aside, when we lost Muamba a lot of Bomber fans, including me, were cranked. Watching him recently
I'd say he's OK but not sure the value (return/cost) is there anymore.
Having said that, cash being equal, I'd rather have him than who we've got @ MLB.

12 more games, then Jones should be bye bye!! we suck even worse than before Jones came.

Glenn has been off all game. The score implies that the Riders were kinda in it - in fact they were never in the game. At what point does Brandon ever get to play?

Dangerous hit when the game is over already. No room in the game for that kind of cheap shot hit

Start bridge next game

Season is getting away from them so time to start on next years QB - Bridge should start the rest of the season at this point

same player for BC on the Dirty play at it again … bench that guy before someone gets hurt

Full credit to the Lions for a good game - the score flatters the Riders. Whats frustrating is that the Riders could have come closer in the final score if their offense showed up. I hope to see Bridge start the remainder of the season though at this point. It's time to build for next year as the west is so strong that the Riders would have to nearly win out the rest of the season at this point to make the play offs.

Couldn't watch this one but just watched the highlights, BC looked good, Burnham is one heck of a receiver. Yes, Riders should let Bridge take over and see what he's good and if he's true starter material.

If the ref. Called a spear on the carter play, why wasn't the other player kicked out, ? I'm not sure about the rule there.

I was at the game.

Lions moved the ball well , but did not cash in enough.

TD's are more fun than FG's.

What the H is Carter thinking with the late trash talk ?

Well, at least he showed some emotion, more than you can say for the rest of the bunch.

No worries...Jones has more athletic projects, who can come in and fail, at a strange position....

Lions, last four minutes? Could have been an easy shutout. Well, reasonably easy. I'm not knocking the Riders, I've always liked them.