Roughriders at Eskimos

Todays game should be a bit different than most due to the Eskimos quarterback situation. Most of the teams do not feature their starter for much of the first exhibition game and I would not expect Durant to see a lot of time behind center tonight. I expect Edmonton to give Nichols and Reilly both a long look as they try to determine who their starter is and I don't expect to see anyone else getting much of a look.

I imagine all the Riders qbs will see one quarter each. It will be interesting to see if they stick with Willy as the backup this season as both Brown and Sunseri look promising in camp. The reciever situation for the Riders will be interesting to watch as they have quite a bit of talent this season and limited spots. It will be interesting to see how they juggle the roster at reciever. Brackenridge and Butler look like they are going to be interchangable at safety and linebacker.

According to the Edmonton Sun, Nichols will get the start tonight. Can't read anything into that though as reilly had already been pegged to start next week against B.C., unless something unexpected happens.

From what I saw at training camp, I don't think Willy has too much to worry about. To tell the truth the other two didn't look much better then the Huskies QB.

Pre-season means squat.

except for the players who are trying to make the team.

G+W...I look forward to seeing if Carr makes the cut

the fact that he is starting may indicate he is not a given. He is a nice target at 6-6, but did not have a sensational camp, and with Chick in the picture it may be an easy place to trim some cap if needed.

Carr made a mistake walking away last minute after agreeing to resign with the bombers last year. The extra $$ money the Eskies gave him was nice but he didn't fit in well with the Eskies and now he could be on the outs with the Riders. Can't say we missed him, Chris Matthews filled in admirably I think :wink:.

As for the Riders trimming the cap, would they really be bothered by the fine if they went a little over the cap if it meant a better chance at getting to play in the Grey Cup game at home?

So far, the Eskimos don't look to be in good shape at QB. Reilly has done squat and has looked pretty bad, actually. Nichols looked pretty good, but this is 2 games in a row with injuries now. Can he last 18 games? Not the way it looks so far.

I don't know what he was thinking trying to play defense in a pre-season game. Left on crutches... I don't like their protection. Hard to judge a QB when he can't even look downfield.

Turnovers/penalties like Forde said; also 4 communication problems [hand-off] in the Rider backfield.

Looked damn good to me. 4 catch for over 100 yards, close to half of those YAC yards.

Interesting pre-season game to say the least; Riders win 31-24...Hope Nichols [knee] isn't hurt too badly.

Bad luck for Mat Nichols... Hope he didn't wreck his knee.

I think it is always the goal to be at or near cap. Plus, you want some wiggle room in case of injury. Furthermore, who knows where they are actually at, but I would anticipate it is a higher level than last season, so if they are already around cap, then tier 2 becomes a legitimate concern.

I was unimpressed with his aggression to the ball, but he looked pretty good in the second half.

Now I understand that Sunseri was playing against guys who likely wont make the cut in Edmonton, but I did like how quickly he progressed through his reads. I dont think he would be the type of guy who will throw alot of ints. I'm not sold on Willy, especially watching him last season. Willy took way too many unnecessary sacks because he was way to slow with finding the open man. He showed a bit of that again today missing the read to go dump down to his running back instead of hitting Taj Smith for big yards.

A few other comments. The Riders starting d line looked scary good to start the game. Chick was running over offensive linemen, though there were a few times where he lost contain. Alsot that #14 is a player. I hope he sticks around as at least a special teamer because that guy can hit.

I agree...but Sunseri looked better than Brown, who was 'injured' but with the club all of last season. I would say Brown is presently sitting 4th.

14 is Prince Miller. There were a couple times I saw him flat footed, and when he had to roll out he could not cover anything more than a dozen yards past the LOS, but yes, it was fun watching him rock people. He would be on the same side as Milt Collins, who also loves to lay down a hurting...could be an intimidating combination.

I doubt he would start in the secondary. He would probably be a good special teams player. Starting DBs will likely be Anderson, Collins, Russ, and Harris. I could see them rotating in Turene and possibly Carlos Thomas as he did look ok other than being beat deep once. Butler and Brackenridge will likely rotate between safety and linebacker. Weldon Brown will be used as a situational guy, likely for passing downs.

I meant when he rolled out as a LB into coverage.
realistically there is unlikely a roster spot for him, as they will more than likely not keep an Import for ST unless they are really high on him. The Riders have a lot of LBs in camp (12), and 4 of those are already pegged for given imports...a 5th will be a stretch.

Throwing the ball away is an easy thing to teach a QB. What Willy does better then all the others then DD is take a 2nd or 3rd read. I pointed this out at training camp to some old faithful who had the DD glasses on. After they actually watched DD then Willy it was a night and day comparison. DD telegraphs the ball, Willy reads the play, the other two panic.