RoughRiders and BlueBombers

I am pleased with the Bombers pulled off a win against T.O on Friday so i am hopeful the Riders will do the same. Here's to two teams i feel will be in the Grey Cup Finals.

Are you kidding?? The only way the Riders will make it to the GC game is if they buy tickets, much like the bombers. If Winnipeg had a starting QB, they would be 2-0 and looking like a GC contender. Winnipeg got a VERY UGLY win on friday night. Sask has yet to play this week, but they play the same team that spanked them last time. If I were you, I wouldnt expect any miracles to happen. The riders might win, but if they do, it wont be by a lot.


Da Monk is hitting da bottle early.

…and often

you tell em Ducky....

Them both making it would be pretty unlikely, but i'd love to see one of the greatest and most ancient rivalries going head-to-head in the Grey Cup Final.

that would be a great grey cup. I wouldnt be surpirsed to see one of them in the Grey cup this year, but i think it would be difficult for both of them to make it.

And even having just the Bombers or just the Riders in the GC is a questionable stretch. Glenn's QB abilities are suspect and Joseph has a tendancy to go hot and cold. If you're going to be playing at the 'Peg on November 19, you have to have a QB that shows something these two don't have: consistency.

if you cant win ugly, ur not gunna win at all...and how was that ugly, the bombers played a great game (except on offence) toronto had no chance kicking only field goals, and having only 6! first downs..maybe an ugly loss for the argos, but good win for the bombers...excellent game for the bomber actually

If the Bombers play that way against the Eskimos you will be 1-2. Toronto's offence made the Bomber D look better than it is, but the Eskimos offence looks like it might be rounding into form, so I would say that Eskimos might show the holes in the Bomber D next week.

Just wanted to point out that Reggie Slack once quarterbacked a rider team to the GC. Being less than average all year long and getting hot at the right time occasionally does work.

I predict 300+ yards passing for Ray easily against this supposedly "amazing bomber d".

...still not convinced, eh...there sambo....boy are you going to be in for a lol :lol:

Sorry Sambo but I disagree on this one. I believe the Argos did not lay down and say okay win. The credit should go to that defense they wanted this win badly and it showed. The Eskie Offense got frustrated and the Bomber defense will do the same. The trick is do not stop making changes in your defense. I blame Crehan for the defensive metl down in the second half vs the Eskimos. You had to know that the eskimos would change up so the defense for Calgary should have too but stayed the course and it was costly. Can the Bombers beat the Eskimos. If their defense plays like rabid dogs again they can be in the game.

Yea I kinda have to agree although This defence is simply much better than it is given credit given what they faced last year. Should be very interesting indeed. I am anxious to see what the bombers need to work on still and the Esks will provide a good challenge. Do not however make the mistake of selling this defense short. They are talented motivated and have a very good coach. The offense is possible still short a QB and I still wonder about Glenn. Seems he was a bit concerned about last weeks mistakes and played very conservatively. The Oline plays well with the run and are still getting the hang of pass protection but that will come. All in All they are on the right track.

The riders are as I predicted earlier. They are also short a QB that can run a complicated but potentially awesome offense. The D is overrated plain and simply have been for 4 years. I don`t get why rider fans bleat on about there great d. It need work.

Both team have the potential to be pretty good this year. I would not however pick either for the cup. To early actually to make an over the top pronouncements.

oh boy, I'd love to see the Riders and Bombers in the Grey Cup, but it's very slim, and the Bombers have a bit of business called revenge with the Stamps.

the Bombers will dominate the EAST once again.

I wish, 2nd is looking good though, and what's with the Riders logo Duck???

a couple quick points about the bomber defence.....there are at least 6 new faces in there from last season, its not the same personel, and the Marshall system is very hard for qbs (even Calvillo) to read and the players have bought into it.....they are good, maybe not the best in the league, but good.