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Bourke and Bear Woods close to returning.
Jeff Garcia wants QBs to use their mobility.
Higgins deflates the rumour that Garcia may suit up at some point.
Smith not practicing, lingering left thumb injury.
S.J. Green likely playing.
Whitaker missed practice because his wife gave birth. Sutton replaced him at practice and may replace him in Regina.

My new (low) goal for this week's game: score one touchdown while the game is still in doubt.

Audio interview with Jeff Garcia

Audio interview with Tom Higgins

Very interesting interview with Garcia. You can feel his competitive fire just by listening. And you can sense a part of him would still like to be on the field.

He also gives the reasons for pushing Smith aside - his lack of a sense of urgency and refusal or physical inability to run. Garcia wants his QBs to be mobile.

Herb confirming Smith put on 6-game. Doubt if we`ll see him again in an Als uniform.

I have to admit that from last season I thought he could be developed into A.C.`s successor.

Hard to disagree with him. I don't understand what happened to Troy between the end of last season and this one.

And now the geniuses in charge of Transactions on the CFL website no longer indicate if it`s 1 game or 6 games when a player is transferred to the Injured List. Yet they still refer to players as IMP and NIP.

Richard how are you letting them get away with this! :smiley:

He should write to Cohon. Some of the TV money was to be used to improve the web site :lol:

While your at it Richard ask them why the Als are again late getting the depth chart up. :wink:

I decided to take a sabbatical a long time ago.

Unfortunately, the information is wrong,quite often. Based on the CFL transactions of the past 2 days, the Als have added 6 players to the active roster and only 4 came out; there are,based on these transactions,25 Int.players and 23 Nat.players; furthermore, there are only 2 QBs on active roster,again based on these transactions. Under these transactions Nat DL Jeffrey Finley was added to the active roster,from the practice roster; he was never,at least until the last game, on the practice roster but on 6 game injured list.

If the Als were updating their roster whenever there is a change,it would be easier to compare but, there are the worst in the CFL for updating the roster and listing the depth chart. Bad off and on the field. THE TIGERS CATS ARE THE CFL MODEL AS FAR AS UPDATING THEIR ROSTER AND PRODUCING THEIR DEPTH CHART.

According to the actual roster, Ameet Pall and Brandon Rutley are no longer on the practice roster. No CFL transactions to confirm.

I hope that it won't be as bad on the field tomorrow.


Let's hope. Thanks :thup:

If the als can score more than thier last 2 road games combined and allow less points than in calgary that would be a good start.

my first game at TD place last night and no TDs. at least i got to see a fight on the street after the game. didn't know ottawa became so violent. :roll:

Not a bad start to the game from the offence, but what a waste of a timeout ; it seems the iced their own kicker.

Da*n this is frustrating. I give up.

Well at least the Riders didn't blow them out.

Unfortunately nothing on offense once again.

Als still tied for 2nd in the east. :roll:

LOL…so F’n sad!

Older fans will get this

Yeah that's the smile the good humor man had!

After we get pounded in the turf in Winnipeg. Wetenhall should give Higgins a one way Bus ticket to Calgary and send his crap via UPS ground.

Yeah, we'll Popp and Wettenhall should be on that bus as well.