Roughriders:45 Bombers:26

So the riders finally beat their losing streak!!! I am soo was an awesome game!! :smiley:

Yes it was a great day in Riderville, I hope they can repeat in the Peg but tis not going to be easy....bombers will be a foul mood.

yeah i hope they beat wpg too...i might be going to that game!!! :slight_smile:

Wooooooooooooooooo its about time. Now maybe if they build on this win and their playbook, they will make this into a winning streak. They might beat Winniped again with the same playcalling but not Edmonton, so lets enjoy the win, but not get ahead of ourselves.

i think CRANDELL just won the starting job

umm its Crandell... and yes you are correct but can he put up back to back performances? that will be the key.

Good game Riders.

Although I'm a Bomber fan, it was a well fought game and the better team won.

Smart move not playing Greene.

I hope you all tip your hats to Stegall though.

Let's see if we can't get revenge next weekend.

Go Blue!!!

It is too bad that Stegall had to break the receiving record here in Regina. when a milestone like that is reached in my personal opinion they should make a presentation no mater what stadium it's at to acknowledge the new record holder. However i know that doing it at an away game would probably and unfortunately bring out some boos from the hometown crowd. They did at least announce that Stegall had broken the all time receiving touchdown record at the game in Regina and put up a message on the maxtron at Taylor field. Congratulation to Milt Stegall on his new record.

I am glad the Riders broke their losing streak at last but remember there is a long way to go to the playoffs and the Riders have a lot of work to do yet. Remember beating the last place team in the west is a far cry from beating Edmonton or BC. Us Rider fans can only hope that the coaching staff can fix the problems and that the depth in the receiving core that was talked so much about at the beginning of the season shows up and that some of the receivers can give us back that deep threat that was lost when Domiguez tore his ACL. If they can do that it should hopefully open up a few more options for the offense.

Congrats to Stegall! And thank you bomber fans this year, you guys were great, i got along with every single one of you that i met today so that was great :lol:

yes...congratulations to stegall...he deserves it. But i think that if the riders jsut focs and use this game they ca beat winnipeg next week..also i think crandell did a very good job as QB and i was happy to see greene sit out.

Thanks Rider fans for clapping when Stegall broke the record - Good on you guys! I'll see all you Rider fans on the 10th at Canada Inns when you come to town and prepare for a way MORE tough battle. I want us to win this game so bad!!!

Great to finally see a win - and wonderful to see some diversity in the Rider's offensive plays. Whether that is due to the QB change, or the OC actually earning his paycheque I can't say.

I think a little bit of both... CFL Chick

I know how you feel BleedBlue&Gold. We were in the same position last year after the second game! Of course, as a Rider fan I hope we return the favour and sweep you guys this year, but it won't be easy. Good luck!

And congrats to Stegall. If the BB surge and win the Grey Cup this year, I'll be okay with that simply because Stegall has never won one, and he deserves it. Of course, I'm still cheering for the 'Riders. :lol: