Roughriders '08: 1st 5 Games

If I could be serious for a moment . . .

[b]What does y'all think the Roughriders' Record will be at the end of the 1st five games?

It may be a too early to tell . . . but what the hay!

I am thinking . . . 3-2.

LAST season (around this time) I wrote someting to the effect of:[/b]

. . . we will not start strong. It will take a few games to find our chemistry . . .

[b]Man was I wrong.

Anyways . . . 3-2.

What aboot you?[/b]


I'm going to go with 3-2 as well. I think the defense will start off stellar again this year and steal us a game or two while the O comes around.

Had we kept Joseph, I would have said realistically 4 and 1. Without him we could be as low 2 and 3. I suspect we will end up at 3 and 2.

I think the Riders will end of 3-2 with the chance of 4-1. They play 3 home games in their first five and have a good chance of winning all of these games. First game against Edmonton in Regina should be a walk for the Riders. Game two in B.C. will go to the Leos. Game three in Hamilton should be a Rider win and week four against Montreal in Regina another victory. I think the wild card game here will be the home game against Toronto. Historically, the Riders have had difficulty against Toronto at home and it will also be the return of Joseph. So depending on the Toronto game either 3-2 or 4-1.


2-3. we will be off to a slow start but i believe they will finish strong

I say 2-3 or 3-2. Starting against healthy Ricky Ray is not easy. Going to BC tough. Then in Hamilton toss up. Montreal should be win in Regina. Joseph back to Regina wild card. Hamilton game could be trap. Coming off 2 tough west games. Going east. Think Ticats win 8 or 9 this year. Tough game in Hamilton. League will be better this year but Riders win 10 games and surprise in playoffs. Go back to cup again.

I'm thinking the Riders will be 4-1 or 3-2. The new guys will pan out!

Lets hope that Crandell doesnt get injured early. If he plays in all 5 games they are 3-2, maybe even 4-1. If Crandell gets injured early, and is gone for any length of time, it will be a long year..

My honest guess is 2-3. I'm a little skeptical bout Marcus.

I see it breaking down like this...

Edmonton - L
@ B.C. - L
@ Hamilton - W
Montreal - W
Toronto - L

I fixed it for you.

Riders 5-0. Until they lose the first one, I hope for a perfect season. Why start out the year expecting losses? I'd rather be disappointed than expecting losses.

Nicely put BigU

It is neat to look back on this thread AFTER the games were played! Our team DEFINITELY is making believers out of their fans!

Do DJ0088 and I get a prize??? :lol:

I am a genius!!! Where's my prize?

Its in the mail

A starting spot as a Rider slotback. Show up at the players' gate tomorrow with your own cleats and health card, please.