RoughRiders 0-1

I am not here to rumb it in you guy's face but i am concern bout this team. They look good on paper but........How come they play like things have never change? LITERALLY.

Im not too worried. Its only the first game of the season KJ is still figuring out how the offence works. There was lots of changes in the offseason. I think KJ got his groove back near the end of last game he threw some bueaties.

ya i agree :wink: only 1st game but, no pressure on the QB (i wish we had Montford) the DB's had 2 much of a cushion and not much of a running game :? i still have faith :wink:

We relax guys you have a good roster and i am sure they are going to be the sleeper in the CFL this year.

Ya, if they keep playing like that they'll sleep all the way to last place.

Brutal performance. Nothing positive to take away from that game.

For the sake of Rider fans, let's hope that game was an anomaly.

It was just a game the Riders will be ready for whoever is not.

At this point, I don't think anyone is less ready then the Riders.

Don't worry...BC will be the ones leaving Taylor Field on Sunday with their tail between their legs!!


i wish we had montford 2

riders will win sunday(with me in attendance) lol :wink:

I guess it's going to be true perhaps.