Roughrider uni's

I was on looking for more info on Casey Printers and watched the highlights of the Blue Bombers v. Roughriders game. WOW I'm sorry I missed the game but the Riders looked awesome in those throwback uni's one of the best 3rd jerseys in the league. I'd like to see them go back to that one actually.

Casey Printers rules....where do I get my jersey?

Oh no, get in line pal, I am at the head of the line at the Sports Obsession at the Pen Centre!

But yeah, those old Riders uniforms are sweet. I actually like them more then their current ones.

  • paul

Paul to late dude, I already talked to Wes!

I agree....the Rider's uniforms were nice to see the logo and always have!

Ron Lancaster must have been thrilled to see them in that uniform....

one thing though, wasn't there a sheath of wheat running up through the "S" on the logo in the 70's?...

...not that it matters because the logo looks cool the way it is....

all the teams should go back to the older versions of uniforms....

You love the Sheraton/Safeway logo? It's nice, but..

Anyways, those Rider uniforms/helmets definitely look sharp.

I'm with mikey, I liked most of the older uniforms (meaning 80s or earlier)better than most of what the teams use now.

Montreal needs some serious upgrading with their uniforms. Maybe they could go with Silver and Black with a bit of red. That would look cool.

i like the throwbacks and the old sask logo on the helmets.
i got a throw back cat jersey and i love it.

i thought the labour day roughrider jerseys were awesome. Maybe every Labour Day game . the CFL should get all teams to wear a retro jersey from years gone by