Roughrider State of the Union

Good to read the RR State of the Union article, sounds like Danny and Roy are pumped, but a few things caught my eye:

“President and CEO Jim Hopson highlighted the changes that are being made to improve the football product off the field, most importantly, the upgrade to Taylor Field… improvements to washrooms”

Is this really a big deal? Like, what were you peeing in before?

“He also mentioned that the ‘Riders are within reach of their 13,000 season ticket goal, having sold 11,800 season tickets to date.”

This is big deal, good job Riderfans

Nothing controversial on the QBs, both present and past, sounds like the PR people had a script prepared there.

“Shivers added that he expects the ‘Riders will win every game this season and that in 2005, they are in the best position they ever have been to achieve that goal.”

Holy crap Roy, win every game!! At least Danny had some reasonable goals last week which were ‘make the playoffs and ‘appear in the Grey Cup’. Nothing like Ol’ Roy to step up to the mike and say he wants nothing less than an undefeated season…GFL…

"Barrett commented that “to play in the Prairies, you have to do different things.�

Such as?

“He noted that the ‘Riders offence is aggressive both on the pass and rush”

As are most teams…that’s not different…

“…and rushing threats Matt Dominguez and Kenton Keith…”

Whoa…wait a sec…Dominguez a rushing threat? I thought he was a passing threat? Now that IS different, move Dom in as a fullback and, what, send Szarka wide?

"Shivers says “size doesn’t matter.�

Um, that’s not what Cosmo says…

Anyway, fodder for thought?

I read what Roy said too about winning every game and I had to read it twice too. But what I think he meant is that he expects to win each game before playing them. When getting ready for a team you never expect to lose, especially if you believe your team to be top notch. He recently made a comment in the Leader Post that he expects his team to go 12-6 and get a home playoff game.

What DB meant by playing in the prairies is the weather becomes a definite factor. Sometimes you can’t pass the ball 40 yards down the field on every play because of certain environmental factors and that’s where the short game really becomes a factor. It’s a lot different then playing in a dome. I believe a lot of teams use this factor to build their team, especially in the NFL. For example Indy plays on turf in a dome and their offence is built for exactly that.

As far as upgrades to Taylor field, the new jumbotron, the upgrades to the seating, and the upgrade to the sound system will be the most needed improvements.

Trust me, it is…

I site on the east side and the situation is a problem, especially since a couple of years ago they changed the mens washrooms on the second level into womens washrooms, now you have to go all the way down to the ground floor…

Still wish they would bring back the trough of many years back, much more efficient than the current system.

Then upgrade aweigh!! And I agree, more troughs…with chrome pinwheels so you can make them spin with a stream of …

hum maybe we could get some Koyto greenhouse grants for the pinwheels and have them generate power for the new Jumbotron…

Talk to a few Liberals…maybe some sponsorship money can finance it!

Ii it not the same Roy Shivers that pormised a Grey Cup appearance in three years, or was it five years. He has not made that goal. Maybe he lied? or broke a promise to the good fans of Saskatchewan. How many more years is it going to take. I mean in 5 years the Riders got to 3rd at best. And the QB that took the Riders to one game away from that appearance was not signed. Do really believe Roy any more. I feel bad because it will be Danny B that will pay the price for Shivers.

Ya well Nealon took us one game away from the grey cup in 2003 a;so, so Henry did no better than Nealon. 2003 was our best year in years. And Roy and Danny will be in Saskatchewan for many years. Or until Roy decides to call it quits. Roy is the best thing to have happened to Saskatchewan, if he wasn’t here we would still be a 5-13 team.

Your wish will be true this year 5 -13 :oops:

Thats what i hate the most is when people come on forums like these and bash barret and shivers for every little mistake they make. We are all human, and we all make mistakes. And i dont care how many little mistakes they make because if it wasnt for those 2 guys we wouldnt even be CLOSE to where we are now. Shivers and Barret changed this whole franchise around in a just couple of years, and this year is their year for their reward, the grey cup! :smiley:

I agree szarkatrain33. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and criticize everyone’s job, and it seems especially prevalent in sports. Is there anyone on this forum that feels qualified to take over for Danny Barret as Head Coach? Or Roy Shivers as GM? Or more appropriately, is there anyone who feels they have a suggestion as to who could take over and never make a mistake, ever? Grey Cups are fantastic, and I fully expect us to win it this year, but realistically, I’m a proud Rider fan, and I’m happy where the team is sitting at this point in time. I think the vast majority of fans would agree with me. And if you look at the Riders history, there hasn’t been too many Head Coaches and GMs that put a product on the field that got people to say that.

oh boo hoo, please let me get you your green and white crying towel, like a Rider fan NEVER took shots at poor pitiful Dunnigan last year, or NEVER dissed Higgins for his one bad call in the Western Semi, or NEVER called out Taman for his executive decision on handling the Khari affair, no, the Rider fans have never been on the critical end of a discussion…give me a frickin break…

So what if Shivers/Barret “promised” a grey cup within 3 or 5 yrs. We are all human and make mistakes, theirs being that they should never have promised that. But, at the end of the day, they have put an excellent product together on the field and the players all respect them. I truely believe that the Riders would not have nearly the amount of success that they are having now if it was not for them.

R&W, who do you think would do a better job then Shivers? I have no issue with the fact you do not like Shivers, but who out there (that is available) is better? I think that you are just trying to stir the pot and get Rider fans worked up. (As a Rider fan, even I must admit that there is a certain amount of humour in doing that.)


Jim Popp and Wally Buono have both left Roy in the dust…and I got nothing against Ol’ Roy, I think he has done a fine job with a limited budget…stir the pot, yup, thats my job…

But when you look at teams with Buono and Wally, they use larger budgets then the Riders do, which I realize that you acknowledge. But then you cannot say that Shivers is choking on their dust based on budget and the fact Popp’s team made it the same distance that the Riders did last year.

Plus they are both taken by other teams. My question to you was who would be better than Roy, but is available?


Was there ever any consideration or possible studies like currently in Winnipeg, to build a new stadium versus the current delapidated state of TF. Granted the cost of new such as York/Argo? at $75M ultimately for the long term and when combined with sponsorship possibilities, will be more dollars? But, new compared to old can revitalize the city/neighborhood etc…

YA-hooo I can log in again.

RiderPrider’s know that this Rider organization is in fantastic shape. Our team will be fighting tooth and nail to get to the Grey Cup and are strong contenders.


Argotom, I don’t think a new field in Regina would be a good idea. In Toronto, sure, you can get the sponsorship dollars to make it work, plus there are a lot more world class events that can be held in T.O., to make the stadium work for a lot more uses than just CFL games. That makes it much more profitable. Plus, Taylor Field isn’t all that bad. I’m not saying they don’t need to upgrade, but given the smaller financial capacities of the Riders, renovating one or two things per year would make more sense than building a brand new place.
Redandwhite, I agree that Rider fans can be just as loudmouthed as anybody else, but my point to them is the same. Have all the opinions you (I mean the general public you) want, but if you can’t suggest a workable alternative to what you’re complaining about, then why say anything? And I mean more of an alternative than saying a team shouldn’t have run a certain play at a certain time, after we’ve already seen the outcome. Hindsight is 20/20, afterall.