Roughrider Receiving Corps

I was at the Sunday practice and the guys looked pretty good. Except for one rookie named Koch, he dropped 6 of 7 that came his way and some were really easy looking.

Also, Fairooz never even had a throw go his direction even though he was open during their scrimmages. That might have been planned because he was still tender from his injury but either way, he is one tall glass of water.

Fantuz almost made a sick one-handed grab but that got picked off.

I didn't even see Dressler out there.

Clermont snagged a nice for a TD i believe.

Uhh . . . what's his name . . . rookie . . . well some of the rookies looked realy nice on some long balls.

Should be a fun offense this year.

I hope Dressler will only be back when he is 100%. Don't rush it brotha'.

Defense looked good too though. Some nice knock downs.

I posted the same question in another thread but i'll try here too. Is there a practice today (Tuesday)?

Any news on Prechae?Wanna see how he does in his new digs.

Neither he nor Bagg practiced today.

Prechae looked good before he got hurt. He will be an impact player...hopefully.

I am really looking forward to an explosive offense this year. I hope Rodriguez is the next big thing.

He looked alright but it is too hard to judge only a couple catches and the 1st practice of the season (this is all I saw so far).

Our corps has so much talent on it. Rock n' Roll.

Will be nice to see the height advantage of our new wide-outs.

Fairooz looks real quick and runs smooth, but man is that guy thin,he must be able to take a hit though, holding onto the ball is a different

Preachae, not as gangly as Fairooz,(thankfully) and looks more comfortable making adjustments to the ball, wanted to see his wheels, but maybe he's still tender.........IMO. he'll see lots of balls this year.

Cetoute was the other guy I was curious about, looks like he gets a good plant and can accelerate off the line, so hopefully the injury to his Achilles is faaaaaar behind and he has a huge year, making the JSP trade sweet rather than bitter.

c'ya all sunday at Mosaic................GO GREEN

I'm expecting our receiving corp to be: SB Fantuz, Clermont and Getzlaf; WR Rodriguez, Bagg and Dressler; Practice roster Koch.

Except that we'll dress at least 7 receivers, not 6, and Dressler's a slotback, not a wide receiver.