Roughrider Receivers

How is our line up looking when it comes to receivers?

Everything else on our team changed. Did the receiving corp?

It doesn't look like too much will change. There will be Dominguez, Flick, Fantuz, Grant, Washington, Palmer, Getzlaf and a whole bunch of new faces. It appears that the only position where there will be intense competetion is Washington's wideout spot. The rest seem to be pretty cemented.

Washington showed so much promise in the few games he was in. He may might really break out this year. Didn't he have some serious health problems that kept him out for the 1st portion of the season?

Palmer had some impressive catches as well. If both these guys continue their impressive playing, the Riders may have a better receiving corp than last year.

I dont think that the receiving core is an issue. I think the quarterbacking is something we made need to take a look at though...

On the radio Miller said a lot of good things about Vincent Marshall. Little receiver who was cut by Falcons. Said he was 1 of the fastest players he has ever coached. Or seen.

I'm happy with the reciever situation coming into this season. Hopefully Dominguez can stay healthy this season and rip it up like he did during the first half of last years season. Fantuz hopefully has matured alot from last year and will continue to shine like he did at the end of the season. Corey Grant, I find takes alot of bad critism. He is under rated in my opinion. Flick will be another key guy again this year. Hopefully Washington can stay healthy because he is an up and coming star. Tillman has a habit of finding pretty good recievers and I suspect he has a couple guys coming in who will give last years starters a run for their money. I believe if Crandell is going to look good its up to these guys.

If, Matt, Fantuz, Grant, and Flick were all starting i'd have 100% conifdence, i'd say right now were probably the team with the most depth at reciever except maybe BC.

To KK-FTW: "i" before "e" except AFTER "c"

Thryllin, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Twice in this thread you have omitted the "s" from "corps". At least you didn't say "core", though, and that is to your credit.

Enough of the spelling lessons; I think you guys have the makings of a stellar receiving corps this year, but I agree with jman that QB is the question mark. If your receivers are great, it may matter little if you can't get them the ball consistently.

We shall see..........


I will be shocked (and dissappointed) if Cory Grant is a starter this year. I think he will be in tough to even make the team (though he always seems to for some reason). But we are likely looking to start 3 imports at the receiving position. It is Washington's job going in, but only by a hair. I think he showed enough last year to be the favourite going in. And if Marshall is faster than Washington, look out, because Washington was blazing fast...we do need a return guy/4th import receiver.
Matt is safe if the knee is 100%. If it isn't....?
Flick is pretty safe. he was very dependable last year, and was also clutch. Should make him 95% a lock.
Dandy Andy is the only 100% lock going in. If he plays an entire year like he did down the stretch, might as well mail him his CPOTY award now, and avoid the rush...
If Matt is healthy, the receiving corps will be better this year than it was last year.

Just for the record, Winnipeg has the best receiving corps, on paper, heading to camp, not BC.

I see it liek this...

Matt, Flick, Fantuz, Grant, Marshall, Washington, and Getzlaf on the practice squad.

How is Palmer not on that list, especially since he's a slot and would play if/when Fantuz is not on the field? Or that Canadian kid we drafted last year? We need to dress at least 2 Canadian receivers, and like Arius, I would be disappointed if we had none better than Grant at this point.

From what I saw last year, Palmer has wide receiver speed. It would be great if we could line up with Palmer/Bagg and Dominguez wide and Fantuz and McKoy/Getzlaf/Grant in the slots with Flick as the fifth receiver. Now I say that would be great but only if that put our best talent on the field. I see Dominguez, Fantuz and Flick starting. The other wideout spot is wide open with Bagg and Palmer and McKoy having the edge if it makes more sense to put an import elsewhere. Realistically Washington and Marshall look to have the edge but it could be interesting.

I like our depth at Canadian receiver in Fantuz, Palmer, Grant, Bagg, McKoy, and Getzlaf. If any of the three young guys are good, we could be in great shape when looking at the ratio. Also, as good as Grant is, his time may be up if the younger (and much cheaper) guys can make the grade.

Coach Austin seemed to like Bagg a lot. Maybe Miller will to. Arius may be right about Grant. Know they signed him back. But isn't he 33 or 34? Everyone is not Milt Stegall. Most lose speed in 30s.

Arius Miller said Marshall can fly. Called him 1 of fastest players he has ever coached. Its Vincent Marshall. Think he went to Texas Tech.

Well, Bagg made the team last year, then told the coaches he was going back to school. Kinda makes you wonder who he beat out coughGrantcough.
Of course I am not a fan of his so....
Anyway, I see Fantuz, McKoy, Palmer, Bagg and Getzlaf possibly all ahead of Cory Grant on the depth chart. And if that happens, Grant will be cut rather than become a practice roster guy. Even if he is slightly ahead of a couple of those guys, no way we keep 6 Canadian receivers. Do you keep an aging Grant over Getzlaf? Or Bagg? I'd say he might be tradable, but he has tried the free agent market twice now and nobody wanted him for we can trade him for something? Seems unlikely. The only way he makes the team is if we package up a few younger guys in a trade.
Speed is the buzz for Marshall. It'll be fun to see him and Washington in a footrace, because I am reasonably certain Mike was the fastest guy on the team last year...
Marshall is a midget though, so he darned well better be fast (5'8"). Washington is 6'2". If I have my druthers....
Marshall is perfectly suited as the return/5th/6th receiver though. But we have a handfull of receivers coming in, and I doubt any of them will be losing a footrace to Jeromy O' I said, advantage, Washington. But really? It is the most(only?) wide-open spot on the offence.

I'm very comfortable with our recieving core. Grant will not be a starter. I think his role will remain the same (5th or 6th receiver). He played great in that role last year. I don't recall him dropping or fumbling a single pass last year.

I'm not comfortable with our RB's. Other than Wes Cates we have no body. Child's doesn't have it and I'm never excited about NFL castoff's for the RB position. I hope Reggie Bradshaw comes to Training Camp plus a couple other FA import RB's. I thought Anthony Davis played really well in Hamilton last year. He ran all over our defence, even though we dominated hamilton.

QBing makes me a bit uneasy, but I'm going to relax on that front at least until training camp begins.

Anyone think Marshall could be a return guy? He fits the physique. Small and Fast.

See my last post....

Palmer may or may not have wideout speed, but he plays slot. That's big in this offence because it's the slots that make the most route adjustments based on pre-snap reads. It'w way easier to throw a body in side side WR in this offence than either slot position.

Heck, I think Grant only ran two patterns all last year - an out and a post.