Roughrider Rap Group??

So, I hear a rumor that there are a few Saskatchewan Roughriders that formed a rap group. Apparently they are opening for the Chamillionaire concert in Saskatoon. Can anyone confirm this? Any idea who would be part of this rap group? What their name is?

Shivers, Barrett, and Marcus Crandell :lol:

That reminds me of that rap commercial the Riders put out in '88. The infamous "7 that's enough" ad campaign.

Come on, that was a great commercial. No one can rap like Suitor. LOL

Nealon, Kenton and Nate had a rap group a couple years ago.

Nealon, Kenton and Shonte Peoples had it. I got that CD... lol

oh sorry, maybe Nate collaborated with them.

I finally found it...(taken from the Star Phoenix)

Tickets go on sale Saturday at 10 a.m. for Chamillionaire, the hip hop artist from Houston who appears at Credit Union Centre on July 17 at 7:30 p.m. Backing on his Saskatoon stop of the Ridin' Dirty Tour are Bonafide and members of the Saskatchewan Roughriders' Kenton Keith, Jason Armstead, Shermar Bracey and Dwan Epps, all rappers in their off time. Tickets are $25 and $35 plus service charges, available through Ticketmaster, 938-7800 or 1-800-970-7328 or

that is hucking filarious! i love the riders, i can’t believe they are opening for chamillionaire.

haha no kidding. Not too mention him sporting a killer moustache and lime green zubazz pants.

Actually, it was "11 years, that's enough"

Anyway, Rap was crap back then and still is.

[quote="Cujo101"][quote="nernzi19"]That reminds me of that rap commercial the Riders put out in na...raps pretty good to this site

and to followup on the history maessage, does anyone have infromation about the rider/chamillionaire concert?...if so...mail me.. :thup:

xridersx...see above. I put the information in. Prices, where to get the tickets, date, etc...

Think its worth going? My cousin wants me to take him...


your welcome young grasshopper

Too much time spent doing their freestyles and rap rehearsals this week not enough time to prepare for the ass whooping from the stamps?