Roughrider Logo Animation

I’ve made some simple Roughrider Logo animations that play over top other programs. Once playing you can drag them anywhere on the screen. To download these and others visit

go to downloads.

No offence Barry but I have serious doubts about downloading anything from unknown posters.

Especially if they signup and say "Hey this is cool! Download it!"

I guess you would have to go to the site and make up your mind then.

well i would think people would scan with there antivirus any dl before opening any program or attachments :wink: I dl it, scanned it, very nice work Barry :wink:

Thanks for the complement. I've uploaded a Roughriders Flag animation and will have higher resolution versions up later today.

Again I mean no offence barry but you can get infected just by opening a web page. You dont have to open a file.

One has to be very trusting to open a link sent by someone on their first post

ya i know what u mean ro,i went to a music lyrics web site and my antivirus just went nuts :expressionless: i quickly left but imagine all the kids that go there not knowing whats not going on if your antivirus is not updated :thdn: