Roughrider investigated

Looks like things are going bad to worse for the lowly riders, on a weekend they were celebrating the 40th Anniversary of their 1st Grey Cup win in 1966. Kenton Keith is under police investigation for an assault on Canada Day.

Oh that, and... LAST PLACE.

Roughrider investigated
Team confirms Kenton Keith questioned in connection with nightclub incident

Published: Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have confirmed one of their players is under police investigation in connection with an incident at a Dewdney Avenue nightclub last weekend in which a nightclub bouncer was injured.

Roughriders president and chief executive officer Jim Hopson said Friday night that running back Kenton Keith is the player being investigated.

"That's what I've been informed, but I'm like you,'' Hopson said. "We're just sort of waiting to find out more information at this point in time.''

Several police cruisers were sent to the Soho Restaurant and Club at about 2:35 a.m. on July 2, after calls about a disturbance.

Police arrived to find someone injured at the scene, and the person was taken to hospital.

Staff Sgt. Rick Bourassa of the Regina Police Service said the force is not releasing any details about the incident or the injuries.

"The reason we're not going to talk about details is that we don't have them nailed down," Bourassa said. "Our guys are still investigating and they're talking to lots of people, and I don't want to say something that's not right."

Soho manager James Dupuis confirmed a bouncer had been injured in the incident, but would not comment further while the matter is under police investigation.

Keith is a fourth-year member of the Roughriders, who are to play the Calgary Stampeders in today's Canadian Football League game at Mosaic Stadium. Hopson was uncertain as to Keith's status for the 5 p.m. contest, noting that he had not discussed that with Roughriders general manager Roy Shivers or head coach Danny Barrett.

The Roughriders faced a well-publicized legal issue last year after linebacker Trevis Smith was charged with two counts of aggravated sexual assault. Smith, whom the Roughriders opted not to re-sign after he became a free agent in February, is out of football while he awaits trial in the fall.

"We're always concerned about our players and the reputation we have in the community,'' Hopson said. "So, of course, anytime there's an investigation we're going to be concerned. We want to know what the disposition is.

"You want to be careful not to jump to any conclusions and hopefully we'll have some resolution to this fairly quickly because what we don't need is rumours and innuendo and that kind of thing going around the community.''

With all the rumours flying last year about Keith, this should be a surprise to no one.

not a surprise to me...

Now they're going to have to convert Joseph to runningback, and put in Crandell, no wait, Butler at qb. I've also heard rumours that they're trading Jason Armstead for eskimos cheerleader Ron Lancaster Jr. to replace Barret as head coach! Oh man, that riders team is just crumbling now.

If these charges turn out be correct , then Keith should be cut from this team. It shows just how selfish he really is, and is showing his utter comtempt for the team, the fans and the league. If not for the CFL K.K. would be a gas jockey somewhere in the southern states. He should feel priveleged to be in this league, and not out assaulting a bouncer in a local bar. We will be fine without him here and his utter stupidity with these acts of voilence.

Agreed. Keith obviously thinks he's truly special.. and he's truly not.

I'm sure he is just a misunderstood guy. A big hug from Danny Barrett and everything will be all right.

Might be too soon to assume he is guilty. Bouncers can also get really out of hand. We had at least one incident where they had really stepped out of bounds. I'm not taking sides but it might be best to wait. Newspapers want to sell and will sort of write things to sell.

Agreed. bouncers are not not general known for their conflict resolution skills

Im not assuming he is guilty, I said IF, but K.K. has the reputation of a selfish player, he did say he has matured, but now it remains to be seen if that is actually is the case.

even up......Keith to TO for Avery....the Pinner will straighten him out...

Kick his butt out of town go for Tony Stallings a better back IMO and a class guy.

What was I thinkin about Keith to Hammer for Ranek...and after both clubs clean house, Paopao to the Riders as the next HC.....its perfect.....a family reunion....

Make sure your not driving when you go through the check stop! :lol:

How about Keith for Roberts? And because it is so one sided throw in Stegal!

I'll wait to hear more before passing judgement. Being an american (and misinformed sometimes)I only know of the incident, what was posted here. But...After reading the article word for word, I didn't see anything actually ACCUSING K.K. of anything. The article also didn't mention the word "witnesses". I said being american we are not hearing about this in our media.

RW05, Talked to both about it and they said no dice because the rumor is that Shivers has signed himself to play middle linebacker. They still remember last year.

looks like a cancer in the dressing room hey Sambo... HA HA HA :lol:

By the way Sambo, here's a quote from Bomber land just for you...

Hebert kept his 6-foot-3, 220-pound body in top-notch condition during his holdout, as evidenced by his washboard abs, but the Bomber coaches don't even know yet what position the linebacker/safety is going to play.

"I'll be out there practising this week and giving it my all, and hopefully that'll be enough to let them know that I'm ready to do what I have to do," said Hebert.

"I've met a lot of guys today, and they've been very receptive," said Hebert. "It's not much to say. It's much to do.

"I go out there and I earn their respect by doing the things that I do on the field."

Who has the distractions in the dressing room..

It would the be the resurgence of the Ottawa Roughriders ! :wink:


Im not sure I would go that far as to call him a cancer in the dressing room, I would say he is one of those guys who thinks because they are treated like gods here, he deserves the priveleges and perks that go with being a "star", and is finding out the hard way that is not the case.