Roughrider Free Agents

Riders free agents:

Zach Collaros – international
Brandon Bridge – national
Drew Tate – international
Running backs and fullbacks
Marcus Thigpen – international
Cameron Marshall – international
Naaman Roosevelt – international
Kenny Shaw – international
Caleb Holley – international
Brian Jones – national
Rob Bagg – national
Patrick Lavoie – national
Devon Bailey – national
Offensive lineman
Josiah St. John – national
Defensive linemen
Willie Jefferson – international
Mic’haelBrooks – international
Cory Johnson – international
Zach Evans – national
Eddie Steele – national
Makana Henry – national
Samuel Eguavoen – international
Sam Hurl – national
Kevin Francis – national
Defensive Backs
Mike Edem – national
Marc-Olivier Brouillette – national
Tobi Antigha – international
Loucheiz Purifoy – international
Jovon Johnson – international

Here are list of free agents. The priorities should be Evans, Antigha, Eguoven and Purifoy. Jefferson I assume will get NFL looks. I could see Eguoven getting a shot as wel

Thigpen extended

Man is there anyone who isn’t a Free agent.
Well year 4 and the RE_building continues with the Bring back of ‘the revolving door’
Don’t know who’s on the team/be around for a while/ anymore it seems

Welcome to 1 year contracts and a CBA negotiating year. FA lists will be deep everywhere.
Players under contract through 2019 and beyond:
QB, David Watford, signed through 2019 – international
RB, Christion Jones, signed through 2019 – international
RB, Tre Mason, signed through 2019 – international
FB, Spencer Moore, signed through 2019 – national
FB, Alexandre Gagne, signed through 2019 – national
REC, Shaq Evans, signed through 2019 – international
REC, Jordan Williams-Lambert, signed through 2019 – international
REC, Jake Harty, signed through 2019 – national
REC/RET, Kyran Moore, signed through 2020 – international
REC, K.D. Cannon, signed through 2020 – international
OL, Terran Vaughn, signed through 2020 – international
OL, Takoby Cofield, signed through 2019 – international
OL, Thaddeus Coleman, signed through 2019 – international
OL, Dariusz Bladek, signed through 2019 – national
OL, Philip Blake, signed through 2019 – national
OL, Dan Clark, signed through 2019 – national
OL, Brendon LaBatte, signed through 2021 – national
DL, Charleston Hughes, signed through 2019 – international
DL, Curt Maggitt, signed through 2019 – international
LB, Derrick Moncrief, signed through 2019 – international
LB, Cameron Judge, signed through 2019 – national
LB, Adrian Clarke, signed through 2019 – national
LB, Micah Teitz, signed through 2020 – national
LB, Brandyn Bartlett, signed through 2019 – national
LB, Alexandre Chevrier, signed through 2020 – national
DB, Ed Gainey, signed through 2019 – international
DB, Crezdon Butler, signed through 2019 – international
DB, Nick Marshall, signed through 2019 – international
DB, Matt Elam, signed through 2019 – international
DB, Denzel Radford, signed through 2019 – national
K, Brett Lauther, signed through 2019 – national
K/P, Tyler Crapigna, signed through 2019 – national
P, Josh Bartel, signed through 2019 – national
L/S, Jorgen Hus, signed through 2019 – national

Their d and st should be solid again next year. Though I heard somewhere that Dickenson may interview for the BC job?? That would be a big loss.

Overall I think the question marks are mostly at QB. I’m excited to see if some of our rookie recievers, like Cannon, JWL, Swerve and Evans can make the jump. I’d like to see Roosevelt return but I wouldn’t pay him top dollar as he has missed quite a few games with injury the past few seasons.

Thanks , nice list.
Appreciate that.

I wouldn’t go hard after any of the ones I stroked through. Jovon Johnson was pretty good but was a healthy scratch near the end of the season so that is why I added him. Bagg I think is done. Brooks’s health is highly questionable as I thought Jones said he would miss the beginning of next season but I won’t swear on that. If he is healthy then yeah he was a big help on the run stops. Jefferson is going to try the NFL but I would be surprised if he sticks but if he comes back he will be big bucks and probably worth it. Cameron Marshall was a big improvment I thought at RB and Lavoie I thought showed well in the limited time given. Makina Henry really didn’t do a lot either and Steele can step in on the Oline in an emergency which makes him more attractive to keep. Holly was a huge bust this year and Rosie as much as he gives it his all on every play he also gets injured a lot. Would like him back but more incentive based contract.

Yeah I would flush the whole qb set.

Funny that JSJ has become a want…he looked great down the stretch. He came into camp ready…so unfortunate he got dinged early. I can see them parting ways with Blake…he has a huge contract. Ideally they hold him…but we will see where the dollars land there. They might part with Clark to make this happen…I would.

You wouldn’t chase Antigha a bit? He was a game changer.

Jefferson won’t be back unless the NFL doesn’t stick…which I don’t think it will. Amazing player, but not built for NFL DE IMO…LB maybe.


I would probably chase Brooks a bit dependant on how confident they are in bringing a solid DT in. It is actually probably the only area on D they haven’t had great luck recruiting.

I would likely pass on MOB unless he is coming much cheaper than his last contract. Focus on the younger Edem and look and Doughlin there as depth. A lot of money to be saved there.

Steele vs Henry is a tough call. Steele is all in a team first guy…does whatever…stats don’t really matter…wants the win. I think both can be kept. how they feel aboutMafuta will play a lot into that. He went and worked out on his own a lot this season while not with the team and they were pretty impressed.

Hurl will also be interesting. He had a superb season. I know lots rode him, but he was very underrated. That said…I think it depends largely on price. Judge is ready to step in and Teitz is behind him. If his demand is too much then he is let to walk IMO.

The name I thought would be on there is Gainey. I thought he was a FA this year.

One thing when looking at it that is impressive…one pending FA on the OL

10 days before free agency, we better start locking up some of these players, we are cutting it close

the Riders had one of or perhaps the shortest FA lists. There are a few guys chasing the NFL, and a few guys that they won’t really be chasing to re-sign plus I think 4 that have already been extended…then a few who won’t do much until they have a better picture of how the new CBA is lining up. Take away the guys chasing the NFL and the guys that they won’t chase hard and there are only 4 or 5 more that they are likely hoping to have a deal worked out within the next few weeks.