Roughrider fans prove they are pathetic-sad losers

I have no issues with great trash talk or good natured rubbing it in when we lose. Trust me … most of the better rider jokes came from rider fans. The classic what do the riders use to ensure they avoid too many men penalties ? A case of pilsner … every player running on grabs a bottle … no bottle for you then stay off the field…

That joke came from rider fans

What I take exception to is crap talk vs banter. Do the riders suck? This year you bet. Are they a laughing stock on the field? Yup

Are they and their fans pathetic losers? If I have to explain why that’s wrong then you wouldn’t understand

Definitely agree, grinds my gears a bit when people take pot shots at Hamilton when they've likely never seen the whole city or for some never even set foot in the city.

OP went a little overboard, I was just giving my two cents about my thoughts on how Riders fans have been handling the last couple seasons and just general interaction between fans as well ...personally I feel like everyone is WAAAY to sensitive but it's sports I get it, that's why I am a fan its make people do weird things and act in strange ways.

[i]Access media dude, this IS NOT how it's done. You gotta have fun and be friendly when bugging fans of other teams. There is no point in doing it, if you're going to be mean spirited.

Look at what Johnny does. The result is Rider and Ticat fans love Johnny! :smiley: [/i]

This. Trollboy can suck on it. At least have the courage to state which team you support...

My guess is he's an Argo fan

Rider, Ticat and at least 1 Stamp fan. :thup:

We have had our battles , but I must admit , I now like the Johnny.

Your little schtick is lame-o dude. If you can't be witty at least come up with something entertaining

He obviously has no team who cares about their fans , so he has to go where he can interject himself into the conversation, poor excuse for a fan, and all the rider fans are trying to do is fix this mess the league is making of the game.

Okay I like to have fun and trash talk with the best of them but I really don't think this thread is necessary or warranted.
Let me just counter it with most Roughrider fans have proven to be passionate not pathetic and have every right to be sad because their team is losing . To me it's just sad when you look at the mess that Jones has made of this club and to me that is pathetic and if I was a Rider fan I would be totally upset and with good reason with the way things have turned out this season with Corky Jones at the controls of this once proud franchise and the way he has totally ran it into the ground. So in closing... yes to the proof that your team is pathetic but no to the proof that the fans are pathetic...........just very, very sad and frustrated about all the losing the team has done in the last year and a half is all.

I have read and heard different articles and media statements that Rider fans are in an uproar. Any Rider fans I have talked to are not happy with the team, but most felt this was going to be a rebuilding year anyway. Most hoped that the season would go better than it is, but are just looking for some improvement vs last year and to see some players for the future.

Happy Trolling Access Media :roll: :roll:

WELL SAID. Only 9 teams. Someone will be first and someone will be last EVERY Year. Its a cycle that will continue.

I don't feel sorry for the RIDERS at all because of the way they operated in recent years.

However that being said they are a Top Notch Winning Franchise in the CFL. Team lately as not won enough.
But Franchise is a winner every year.

And finally this comment:: Jones is no dummy or is his staff. Started with game losing players , made some major changes for the long term benefit of team which hurts today but down the ROAD????
Any total rebuild job takes 3 years.

Cheers keep up the spirited comments. There great reading

AH yes but it is the thing too do? After all they will defend themselves with well “We sell more merchandise then anyone else” Whoopie ding you go to rider games to go shopping LOL? Or the ultra favorite “we will fill the Stadium even when we are losing” Ya and you should get a medal for that! The idea of going to games is of course the team you cheer for wins and or entertains you but winning is what it is all about right? But to actually get caught cheating so many times and then use the Rider excuse train to make it the right thing to do is pathetic. But what the heck again it is the thing to do! Rub rider fans nose in it! And that is not pathetic. But one thing we all must consider is that at one time or another all of us have felt like a rider fan when are team has a losing season. Take not Bomber fans you really know how it feels!

I so want to jump all over this one, but will refrain. It's too easy to kick em when they are this down.

Hard to say with Hamilton and Ottawa as they haven't faced several seasons of poor performance since moving into their new digs, save for Ottawa's first year where being a new expansion team was a valid excuse for stinking the place up. Also, not really fair to Edmonton and BC who's stadiums are over 50,000

Regardless, initial post is clearly trolling

This post & title of thread are quite ironic.

Come say that to my face and I'll shake your hand, commending your bravery.

Calling out the entire Rider Nation from behind a keyboard is easy. Come say this to ONE of us face to face. Just one. 140 lb pacifist ME. Then AND ONLY THEN can you tell me what store sold you the balls to say it. Until then you're nothin but a sod pansy coward alone in a basement with an internet connection killing time between porn vids.

You know what???

If every fan base was as passionate and outspoken as the Riders fan base this league would be laughing! We need every team to have fans like the Rider fans.

You know I'm right!

We need for all teams to have fans that get drunk, vomit, and spread manure on their kicker's lawn?! :?

I've been to Ivor Wynne. Hamilton has at least as many animals in the stands as anywhere else.

Wait a sec, why am I even wasting time talking to a troll like you?