Roughrider fans prove they are pathetic-sad losers

Saskatchewan is 1-9 after Labour Day and YES their season is all but done like the final year of their stadium

Look all around. On radio programs, tv shows, message boards, newspapers, and listening to them around town. They are taking this really, really bad. Like they expected a great memorable season and it turned into a disaster. lol

Sorry its funny.

Due to their losing. They hate the CFL. They hate the commish. They hate reffing. They hate CFL commercials, They hate broadcasters, They hate other team fans especially when losing in-game, and they hate everything about the world.

I warn you. Do not travel to Regina or Saskatoon anytime soon. You will see them everywhere. They are angry standing in-line at the grocery store. They are furious stuck in 20 car line-up at the traffic light. They are furious if you are talking too loud at the park. They are just angry people right now.

And its soooooooo damn hilarious.

The only thing “pathetic” and “sad” is you trolling an entire fanbase. You’re lame dude.

Well, there's always The Rams or The Huskies for them to hang their hat on.

Oh, wait....

Those two teams will meet in the highest attended CIS game in history Oct. 1 at new Mosaic Stadium, so you can bite me too.

The UBC Thunderbirds :rockin:

Pfft. Ok, :roll:

At least we sell out our stadium despite our record.

Can't say that for some other cities.


The great thing about other team's fans is they create new threads on the Riders.

And if many of the other fanbases spent as much time supporting their teams as they did trying to troll the Riders the league would be miles ahead of where it is right now. A 1-9 team is leading the league in attendance.

See what I mean?

lol. these rider fans are nuts. everything is garbage in the world right now for them.

Been no different for Bomber fans these last few years. Talk about a joke of a franchise. Seems like the CFL always has to have one. Would be nice to see Wpg and Sk as the top dogs in the West for a half decade or so, and I'm sure one day we'll see it but it seems always one or the other is a lousy team. But Sk fans are learning the hard way that you can't gut your team and expect to see results. You need consistency. Doubt Durant is back next year but Jones will be. Think of this as a 'learning' year for the team.

Bombers seem to be turning things around but they're still in a precarious position as Drew Willy is not CLUTCH at all, and if Nichols goes down the Bombers will too. Rider's are done this year but Rider fans don't give up - Jones will be tooling for next season you watch. But his #1 priority is finding a QB. He doesn't have one (I think Durant is terrific but he's old and done, he won't be back next year and is not part of the Rider future)

Which teams owns this sorry excuse for a human being? Its one thing to trash talk but a thread titled like this shows a child like behavior of a school aged bully - not of an adult.

Your not a CFL fan - your not a football fan. You are an unwanted parasite that continues to drive this forum into the ground. Hardly anyone posts now - great job

I’m not even a Rider fan and buddy above was right, you are lame. Twenty post wonder.

So you are trying to say that the Rider fanbase is the only one upset with what is happening with the game? Sure, they will be more vocal because the team is doing poorly…but I think the majority are not exactly happy with the game. My understanding is that the only teams not down in attendance are the Argos (new facility and really could not go down much), Hamilton (new stadium with a team doing well) and Ottawa…same deal as Hamilton…everyone else is, I believe, down. Are TV numbers not down as well?

2012: Avg: 729,916 (48 out of 72 games)
2013: Avg: 729,913 (46 out of 72 games)
2014: Avg: 655,807 (78 out of 81 games)
2015: Avg: 534,294 (68 out of 81 games)
2016: Avg: 591,343 (32 out of 44 games)…we shall see where that end

I love football…and I really do not care who is playing nor what league it is…but the CFL is really hurting their brand right now…I don’t know how that can really be denied. Pretty hard for most people to watch when you don’t know if there is going to be a challenge until the next play starts…it is out of control and sucks a lot of the life out of watching a game. There have been a few horrid penalties in the Cats/Argos game…some are letter of the law…but the letter of the law is broken. When the TSN Panel…the network that is in major partnership…starts getting fairly vocal about it then there is an issue…because they have historically tried to brush things that give the league a black eye under the carpet.

It is unfortunate…I feel that this is some of the best football the CFL has seen in a few years overall…but the games are still being ruined by calls that shouldn’t happen…then 10 plays later almost the same thing and there is nothing…pretty inconsistent. The way the rules presently are make the challenges pretty brutal. How many times have we seen a WR run into a DB or the DB make next to nothing for a touch and a challenge is won? That’s not right.

shut up already about TV ratings and attendance. No difference than any pro league. Some MLB teams sell out 1 night and the other nights nobody is there. Doesn't mean anything. If you care so much about the fascination about getting people to attend games all the time. Go work for a CFL team.

CFL is doing great and it always has. Its the #2 game in Canada and pound for pound caries itself extremely well.

Rider fans are just bitter cause they are losing

Rider fans are clearly not happy and in fact are probably harsher critics of our team then fans of other teams. However make no mistake you are not a CFL fan … not even close. Starting a thread calling rider fans pathetic losers is about as poor sportsmanship as it gets. It’s vile garbage and nothing to do with trash talking or rivalry.

Again which team gets to claim ownership over this poster? Don’t worry we won’t trash you in the same manner… although we may remind you once in awhile lol

Shut up about a relevant statistic that shows a decrease in both live and TV drawing audience…um…no. You just don’t like it being brought up because it doesn’t flow well with your stance…funny how that works.

It's not just Rider fans who think the pass interference rules have gone too far. My team won the Grey Cup last season on a pass interference challenge and even I think the rules are nonsense and do in fact take away from the entertainment factor of the game.

There are alot of pathetic and sad posters on here, starting with the OP, none of them that I have seen so far are Rider fans.

Riders fans are like Leafs fans, they are the bread and butter to each of their leagues, but at same time because they are so large they have more opinions and therefor a lot more crazy fans because that's the law of averages. I read the Riders forum quite often and its a mix bag like any other forum, just waaaay more people than this board so you need to pick through some mud to find decent fans but they definitely exist. I find Riders fans to be funny more than anything, can't be mad at them they are just crazy passionate, just like Leafs fans who also get bullied by other fanbases, but we'd all be sad if we didn't have them to poke fun at and the league would not be the same.

Was I happy when the Cats sucked? No, so I don't blame Riders fans either ... but also they should expect this treatment when they are the biggest fanbase in the league and are quite vocal about it, when times get hard people are going to take some shots in jest because you better believe when the Riders win the rest of the league's fans hear about it.

This is exactly it…it is a shame…it needs amendment in a big way. Hoping it is corrected for next season. I am down south now and actually introduced a couple people to the game…they were rather enjoying it and then some of the ridiculousness kicked in and they were basically laughing at the league. They are losing “some” long-time fans…but they sure are not going to be attracting a pile of new ones. I think they will gain some in Toronto because of great efforts being put in there…Ottawa has seen a surge coming back into the league and doing well obviously…I have a hard time believing there are a lot of other markets that would be buying into it though…and that is a real shame. It will be interesting to see what happens with the NFL coming on soon this season…I fear numbers will dip from last season once it does.

I don’t think most Rider fans have an issue with the team being poked at and such…but like any fanbase I think when you start attacking the people of the region and the base itself it makes the individual look a little pathetic