Roughrider assault charges

Riders are going to conduct their own investigation - just like OJ.
Canada's team - what a joke.

From the Taman interview:

Are you relying on the police solely in the investigation or will you guys be investigating this internally as far as what to do with these two players?

Taman: “No. I think the police are a big part of this and we have to go with what they find. We have a football team to run, not a CSI unit, so we’ll be fine.’’

Even if they're found guilty, it isn't like they pulled knives or guns on someone. They were in some kind of altercation in a drinking establishment. Happens every day. I'm not condoning it but keep a sense of proportion to this situation.

An Argo-Cat fan

So 2 Pro football players put a 20 year old kid in the hospital,
this is at 3 o’clock in the morning after playing Montreal that night and winning by a field goal’
To say this happens every day is not true,
The Roughriders have a code of conduct in their contract because of past problems,
I am sure that this is a code of conduct violation and more importantly a legal violation.
If that 20 year old was a relative or neighbour of yours Barney ,I do not think you would be so forgiving

Grover and all who are condeming these guys...what part of "it's an ongoing investigation and nobody is convicted yet", don't you understand?

I have to side with the voice of reason here too. :wink: (Banshee and ADAWG...and Taman)

This type of crap goes on all the time...I'm going to wait and see what happens after all is said and done, before I pass judgement. Just look at all the press on this...must be a slow news day for some. :roll: Of course if these were not football players in the "limelight"...few if anyone would know about would probably be a few sentances in the "city crime/police report".

It could happen to any one of our guys too.

I hear you Woody,
But IMHO when you are a professional, you should not be closing down a bar on game night,
The reason is obvious, because it happened.
As professionals they certainly should know better.
I prefer the players that are community minded, over this behaviour, as I am sure everyone is.
It is unfortunate.

It may well be that they informed the police and it took this long to get enough info to warrant a charge. It would be taking a narrow view to assume otherwise.

Hmmm... go to downtown T.O. to any of the bars and restaurants on a Friday night and see how many "professionals" (albeit the suit and tie type) are closing down the bars after a hard week of work. Football players are people and like in any other profession, and they are entitled to a life beyond the game; in my opinion without judgement.

No kidding...but the long and short of it is these guys "live in a fishbowl" and it doesn't take much to have things escalate when booze is involved. (or booze and women for that matter at closing time :lol: )

Thanks CFO. I'm glad to see the team said something after all - other than no comment. Hopefully this will be resolved legally (crown perspective) as well as ethically (team perspective). I still think Dwight Anderson is a liability to the league and look forward to his eventual exit from the CFL.

No problem.

Actually, Taman didn't really say much in the interview - a few tidbits, but mostly a lot of "We don't have all the information yet" and "We need to wait for the legal process to finish" type stuff. But that sounds a lot better than "no comment". They probably just needed to check with their lawyers before saying anything. The "no comment" statement was issued right after they were informed that charges had been laid, and they may have assumed before that that the whole thing would blow over, and weren't prepared for it when it went public.

8) Well, TSN is now reporting that a 3rd Roughrider has been arrested and charged also with aggravated assault
  involving the same incident !!

   Import WR, Eron Riley was charged this morning.  He is currently on the Riders Injury List !!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

    The plot thickens, even more !!    <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->
[url=] ... d/2459401/[/url] As soon as Hernandez was charged,the Patriots cut all ties with him,no ifs,ands or buts about it.

Guilty or Not Guilty,no need to wait for a court hearing or trial or jury verdict,the Patriots did the right thing,no doubt about it.Maybe the Riders are more concerned with their quest for the Cup this year,and have their priorities a tad skewed about doing the right thing and at the very least suspending these players until further notice if not cutting them outright.

A first-degree murder charge is a few levels of magnitude over a bar fight...

C'mon folks, it was a bar fight. Even if the players are found guilty, it's a fine at the most. No one and that includes us should lose their jobs over one bar fight.

An Argo-Cat fan