Roughing the Passer

Maybe I missed it, but I don't seem to recall anyone mentioning this particular bad refereeing instance in the Hamilton~Toronto match on Labour Day.

On the play when Chang threw the pick that was returned for a blue team touchdown, the replay was shown several times, and it sure seemed clear to me that Chang got hammered several steamboats after he released the pass.

Anyone else notice that or am I dreaming? If I'm not dreaming, anyone have a clue as to why it wasn't called (and spare me the Jake-Ireland-Hates-Hamilton rants). Also curious to know why, if it is so obvious to me on the replay, not one of the CBC talking heads bothered to point it out (which is odd, because Khari Jones sure wasn't reticent about saying the hit on Bishop should not have been called a penalty).

Yes, I say it too. The ref watched the whole thing from the endzone, and after the hit he held Chang down on the ground :thdn: . The only time the ref came in is when Chang started pushing he back after he let him up.

The other call they missed is when the ref got hit on the sidelines, i cant remember the Hamilton player but he was clearly out ofbonds when he got hit.

It was Belli that hit Chang late and then held him. And it was Jo Jo Walker that got hit out of bounds.

Once the QB throw’s the INT he’s loses his QB priviledges. He becomes live and there is no roughing the passer call. Belli did nothing wrong. We could have done the same thing to Bishop on Moreno’s INT

The hit wasn't THAT late.
It was after the pass but before the pick 30 yards down field. The Jake was watching Belli hit Chang late and should have thrown the flag. You are correct that Belli lingering around AFTER the hit and holding Chang down was because of the INT.