Roughing The Passer is getting out of hand!

How is this roughing the passer?

And this is not?

Funny how you picked that clip. There where a few plays where Glenn was hit late, maybe that one was a make up call?

And it wouldn't have mattered anyway, that call was made on the last drive, and nothing was stopping the Offence from winning that game :cowboy:

Wow. Not the best clip. From what I saw, it looked like he only tugged on Glenn's jersey.

I'm guessing that was the call that gave Winnipeg the first down? (I missed it and only saw a brief replay.)

Wish there was a better angle, but it looks like a weak call from that angle.

Perhaps the officials are just trying too hard at the end not to screw up.

One would expect the the QB to actually be knocked down for RTP. It might not have made a diff and it might have.....15 yards is 15 yards

Im not saying they didnt happen but I didnt see any obvious late hits on Glen.....and while we are talking about late hits, how about the first clip.

Does it actually say in the rule book that the passer has to be knocked down?

So you are saying it was a good call?

I hope I'm not getting plays mixed up here, but didn't Milt also get called for being offside, which would have resulted in a loss of 5 yards? Without the RTP call, I think you could make the argument that it would have cost Winnipeg. The RTP call gave them a first down.

Of course, no one can really say for certain.

yes that was the play....But instead of moving the ball back 5 yards, they moved it forward 10. A difference of 15 yards

I was entertaining the notion that maybe the guy that went past him struck him in the face or something, but they called it on Eiben, the guy who tugged on his shoulder.

I don't think it was a good call actually, but I just found it funny that you choose those two clips, both which were against the Bombers. Like I said, there were other plays Toronto had on Glenn that could have been called RTP, much more textbook than the one that was called.

Also, again, let's not whine about the refs, this game was not decided by that call

It does look like that guy comes in late, but it is hard to see if there was contact. Maybe that is what the ref saw?

I think it’s hard to see from that angle but I believe Glenn is hit low at the knees. It’s hard to see but you can see his reaction as he grabs low and just prior the TO players is falling towards him. The roughing the passer comes from the low hit.

I was actually thinking of that, because it does look like he leans to one side at one point. Definitely need a better angle to know for certain.

The one on Glenn looked to be a blow to the head and the other one looked like Butler got hit in the chest first, therefore by the new rules the first one is a penalty, the second one is not. Call it weak but those are the new rules.

I don't see Glenn being hit in the head, though. Hit around the knees, maybe. But all I can see clearly is Glenn's jersey being tugged.

Are we even watching the same video, no one is even close to Glenn's knees. Look at the 3 second mark of the video and the Toronto defender goes high with the hit.

Another thing to look at is how long after the QB gets rid of the ball does the contact happen? In the first clip Butler just gets rid of the ball and is wacked, in the second there is more time between the release and the contact.

I disagree I think the timing of both hits are not late, I think it’s the position of the hits.

I said maybe knees because it looks like Glenn leans back. Of course, that could also be from the tug. We don’t know.

But regardless, I still don’t see anyone hitting Glenn in the head.