Roughing the Passer (and more)

From, an informative piece by Tom Higgins, Director of Officiating:

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I wasn't aware of how they warn the defenders, as explained in paragraphs 3 & 4, and have got to wonder if, in the future, we're going to need a new penalty -- 10 yards or whatever for yelling "Gone." Until that time, It would seem like a good thing for someone on the offense to do.

I have noticed this in the past, but was never sure if it was one of the officials yelling it, or one of the defenders (to warn the DBs that the ball was on its way. Glad to have the "official" answer to that.

My guess is that if an official heard a player yell "Gone" before the ball is released, the official might throw the flag for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, similar to when a player moves the location of a thrown flag. Just a guess, though.

In the first half of the recent game in Montreal, the Allouette punt returner fielded Medlock's punt in play, then fumbled and booted the ball into the Al's end zone, then tried to run the ball out and was tackled...for a single point. Our only point up to that point in the game. I wondered why having been the cause of the ball crossing back over the goal line, the Al's didn't surrender two points as a rouge? Don't have a rule book. But we could sure use the extra point for the fourth and final deciding game in Montreal later this season. :?

I don't recall that play but, from your description of it, I'd guess that the Allouette punt returner did not, at least in the opinion of the officials, "have possession" of the ball before his fumble.

The rule book seems to be contradictory. I think Ottawacat is probably correct about not having gained possession yet. But it is a bit unclear from the actual rule; the approved ruling is, however, very clear on the matter.

Article 3 – Safety Touch A safety touch is scored when the ball becomes dead in the possession of a team in its own Goal Area, or touches or crosses the Dead Line or a Sideline in Goal [b]as a result of the ball having been[/b] carried, kicked, [b]fumbled[/b] or otherwise directed [b]from the Field of Play into the Goal Area by the team scored against[/b], or as a direct result of a kick from scrimmage having been blocked in the Field of Play or Goal Area.
Article 4 – Single Point Or Rouge If the ball is kicked into the Goal Area by an opponent, a rouge is scored: (1) when the ball becomes dead in possession of a team in its own Goal Area or, (2) when the ball touches or crosses the Dead Line or a Sideline in Goal, and touches the ground, a player or some object beyond these lines. AR: Team A kicks to Team B. B1 [b]attempting to catch the ball[/b] on Team B’s 3-yard line, fumbles it and is tackled with the ball in possession in the Team B Goal Area. RULING – Rouge ([b]ball deemed to have been kicked into Goal Area by Team A[/b]).
The fact the the returner touched the ball doesn't change the fact that it's still a kick into the end zone.

The rule book doesn't seem to describe it properly, but the team being scored against must gain possession outside the end zone in order for it to be a safety, otherwise it's a rouge.
Or, they must intentionally kick it into their own end zone for it to be a rouge.
The Montreal player unintentionally booted it while try to chase it down, so that was considered a part of him mishandling the punt reception, no possession gained, no safety.

I remember Earl Winfield casually booting a ball out of his own end zone as it sat near the dead ball line after a punt, thinking that would result in a rouge. The Cats gave up a safety on the play.

That ball was neither "kicked" nor "fumbled" according to the rules. .

From the rules:

If the ball accidentally strikes a player’s leg or foot, it shall [b][u]not[/u][/b] be ruled as a kicked ball.
A ball shall be considered to have been fumbled if the player last in[b] [u]possession[/u][/b] has lost control of it.

Good catch. In my post, I highlighted the words "attempting to catch the ball" (or something like that) in the approved ruling. Those are the keys words, I think, as it does indicate that the returner never gets possession. If he had caught the punt, and then fumbled and accidentally kicked it into his goal area and not made it back out, then it would have been a safety.

I wonder if the Cats or other teams, have sent videos to the head office and officials, regarding the Montreal receivers. Having carefully observed them the two games in Hamilton and what was shown on tv, it would appear that there is a signficant amount of offensive pass interference the refs are letting go. Green and Richardson in particular, are bog bodies, and they repeatedly get away with pick plays which see the defender not just delayed, but knocked on to the back side.

In addition, they create significant separation by pushing defenders off or essentially body checking the defender on them while they make the break.

If the trend is to let that kind of stuff go, it makes it hard to do man to man when the defender can barely breathe on the receiver and get called.

On the offensive side, it may mean that our receivers have to take advantage of anything goes if you are on offence, and other than Williams, our receivers are big enough to lay the body and shoves on the defence as well.

Just wondering

Apparently they only know how to call offensive pass interference on US.