Roughing the Kicker?

Or taking a dive?

I could not believe they called this!!!!!! Is so obvious that Setta dove, its not even funny! As soon as he was touched, he jumps an the air and falls to the ground.

If you look closely! You can see him grinning from ear to ear when he sees the flag!( At least you can see it on the origional)

And that unfortunately, was a deciding factor in the 42-8 victory over the Ticats.

Who cares. Your Als won.

Your point is?
Maybe you should stay in the ticat forum and discuss how all the refs hate the cats and how they are against you all the time.
It seems every second thread is about that!

Did they call that Roughing or contact....(sorry didn't see the actual game) ?

If they called Roughing, that is a terrible call. If they called contacting, well then I can see it. They have called some pretty incidental Contacting the Kickers over the last couple of years. I agree with you that it looks like the kicker takes a dive.

The commentators said it was roughing
The Play by play page lists penalties and they called it roughing

TSN never showed the refs call because they went to comercial

Roughing....then thats brutal! Roughing carries the automatic first down, I am pretty sure (90% sure) that contact is only 10 and NOT automatic.

like I said there should have been a flag for taking a dive!

Come back later, Ill post Glens academy award winning performance. But the penalty was justified for that on

I'm glad your posting those RO. Should even be in the main forum. If common sense can't reach them maybe embarassing them will.

I don't see any threads discussing the refs in the Ticat forums.

Please post them.

And I still have no idea why you're so po'ed about this after your team wins 78-3 or whatever the hell the score is.

Let me guess...Is your mansion a touch drafty and your armani suit have a single loose stitch?

Give me a break.

Go back to 2008. I recall dozens of threads in the Cats forum complaining about Officiating, in fact several felt there was a conspiracy!

This is 2009. Every team blames the refs when they lose anyway. See Calgary last week.

See Hamilton this week…at least 3 threads complaining about the refs, and more conspiracy