Roughies vs. Stamps game thread (July 8)

The game is on now on TSN (started at 7 p.m. ET)

Calgary 8 Saskatchewan 7 after one quarter.

15-8 Riders, 2:25 left, 2nd quarter.

Roughies looking good ..
on Both Sides of the Ball

1st Down Riders

The green Guys are pulling away


25-8 Riders with a Congi FG


If Roughies can get two more Scores
It will be time to Turn the Station..

To Watch Homer and Bart..

Brutal pick by Burris -- Justin got a gift!

That Flick guy scores a TD...

32-8 now, Riders.

Why can't we find players like Justin and Flick? :wink:

It's that summer ozone that hovers around Balsam Avenue.


:D :D :D

Justin is playing well, for sure (except the missed INT try before the half).

This is how D.J. can play...

nice to see the stamps getting more frustrated then the cats were lastnight :smiley:

Stamps are tanking it!

We get our butts kicked by Calgary and then Sask proceeds to show us what they plan do to us in back to back games in October.

Scary stuff!

But nobody's panicking, right?

They thought they were tough **** when they smoked the cats last week, score is like 40-8 now :smiley:

Another TD by Flick...wonderful catch!



Stick a fork in it!

this is what happens when Flick has a REAL QB throwing to him...he makes magic happen.