roughiders have no offense!

The riders have nothing to show at this game that I'm at right now! Crandell sucks and Bowman can't catch anything! This game is over because the riders cannot produce any offense at all! They need a QB real bad! And a prayer!

We do have an offense...its just all on injured reserve

I still think Bowman will play better without Crandilly in

Pretty sure Bowman's got a bruised chest from all the balls that went through his hands and hit him in the numbers.

Somebody give this kid his weed back. He's all messed up trying to play straight.

That is funny Artie Lange. Someone give some weed to Lapolice to.

Lapolice's play calling was terrible. Many better ways to get cates the ball. Their game plan stunk!

Are we forgetting that we have our top 3 receivers on the IR? Yes Crandell struggled, but I would say that it was due to other players not doing their job (ie catching the ball). After the continual dropsies, Crandell tried to do too much on his own. AS a result, he was not making routine plays either. We can chalk this up to adversity, and the team will come out better next week versus Winnipeg!

Injuries are never an excuse, never! Our whole team has been terrible the last two games.

It's one thing to get out finessed on defence with great passing. But were getting out muscled on defence. Harris and Reynolds made our defence look like fools. And the tackling has been awful as of late. Recievers are getting 5+ yards after first contact.

I'm having shades of the pre-Kent Austin Rider offence too. We have one player, Wes Cates (before it was Kenton Keith). Any defence can shut down an offence that surrounds one player only. Our offence is entirely too predictable. Defences are all over our draw plays to Cates and 3-5 yard quick passes that rely on YAC.

Our coaching staff has some adjusting to do. Crandell is not the reason we lost 2 in a row. The whole team looks unprepared. We looked like a very poor coached team on Thursday with all the penalties, dropped balls, missed tackles, etc.

I refuse to give up on this team. I have a feeling that serious changes to the Riders game plan will take place.

Yes I agree.

What the Hell? It is not the same team out there.

37 points in the last 2 & 1/2 games or 10 quaters of football! That is what needs to be scored in order to win one game! Not Three!

Shotgun draw on 2nd and 2 or 3 is not a creative play and is easily scouted by the defence. That is so Kenton Keith!

Why is tackling suddenly so difficult?

I understand the last to QBs we faced were Burris and Ray. But should that really mean our defence is destroyed in the defending the pass?

I am not really that angry. Just trying to make a point.

Look at the defense’s numbers versus the pass. It’s been fine. Run defense is the only problem and it will be cleared up.