Roughgrider's Now??

Since this ignites a lot of fans fires....Whatcha think??? I think sole possession of #1 spot is a good possibility....I think Durant needs some shining up, but has played some good games....Cates...Bagg...Dressler....Baggs....Morgan.....Chick.....Armstead.....need i go on. Tell your thoughts, Rider fan or not.

it could be a of staying out of injury trouble. last year could have been amazing had the injury bug not hit them.
The qb gets better every week it seems. not having a qb contriversy seems to help.
really impressed with the recieving core.
it seems the coaches intelligence is highly under rated. perhaps because of the more carasmatic coaches such as the huffer and wally, he remains under rated.
i dont follow the riders real closely, but it seems liek they havnt changed there team much this year, while other teams have done lots of shuffling.

so thats my thoughts from a non riders fan

we did our shuffling in the off season lost alot of core guys: Mo lloyd, Anton Mckenzie, Kit jones (aquired back), DJ Flick, Matt Dominguez, Scott gordon, man im not even sure about who else. Been a good team QB does need some work but im loving this TEAM!!!

calgary, winnipeg, toronto, have done there shuffeling during the regular season, and it is deifnately hurting them.
i liek kitwana commin back. is he gettin much playing time?


C'mon gang and admit it. Most everyone on this site picked the Riders to come in last place this year after all the players lost.
And the loss of coach Hall. I was one of the few who predicted they would be in first place.
This is a team with no egos. A different guy contributes and makes the big plays each week it seems. It is fun to play on a team like this. Can they go all the way- why not they say. What have we got to lose- no pressure on us as we were picked to come last. This team has a balanced offence and does not rely only on their qb. Why do you think they win games when the offence does not play great = because they are balanced and all the pressure is not on the qb like some other teams.
The Riders have put together a competitive team and they now believe they can beat anyone. I don't know if they will go all the way but they just may and kudos should go to Tillman and Coach Miller for as fine a job putting together a team this year as anyone else in the league. Go back to your pre-season posts if you doubt my comments and read how most trashed the Riders chances. People forgot football is a TEAM GAME not a game of superstars. Well done Riders and your success is well deserved!!

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How many games are left?

"...don't know if they will go all the way but they just may."

Gobbler, doing your best Rod Black imitation? "If it's not a first down it'll be 3rd down...". Could say that about six teams right now...

... that was a low blow eski-moses, comparing me to Rod Black- PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE NO! :lol:

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