Rough Riders won't be ... because of the Roughriders

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Personally, I think that s u c k s

I agree. I'm a sucker for history and tradition, and fans of the CFL are aware of the distinction.

I totally get the "protecting the brand" thing. Teams should. But yes, give the fans some credit in knowing the difference.

If the Saskie brand is THAT strong, they have little to worry about.

Hunt should find a name that can at least make use of the historical logo and team colours. I presume that won't be an issue, but now that the Greenriders have worn black, red, and white maybe it will. :roll:

Horn Chen, I curse you!

Good one. :slight_smile:

I figured that if Ottawa got a CFL team again anytime soon, the team would not be called the Rough Riders. If the SSK Riders did not stand in the way of that, I thought former Rough Rider owner Horn Chen would. As far as I know, he still owns the rights to the name.

Maybe they could be called the Ottawa Renegades, though I don't know who owns the rights to that name.

imo call them RAIDERS /scull and cross bones/ red,black and, silver :rockin:

What's another name for those lumberjack type guys that transported logs down the Ottawa river?

Here's some more neat background into the lumbermen rafting down the river.

How about the Ottawa Where your tax dollars get sucked into an insatiable black hole twirled about by selfish political hacks seeking re-election Football Club?

Or is that too cynical?

I have a reason to hate the Green Riders even more now. :x

This can't end well... :wink:

How about the Rivermen? Starts with an R, can still be nick named the Rough Riders and is true to the name.

My preferred name has always been the Riflemen, given how much military history is present in Ottawa, that and how many animals we have in the CFL :wink:

Just stay away from Renegades, that is a terrible name for a team in our nations capital.


Well when I sent in my tax return it was sent to the tax office in Charlottetown I believe not Ottawa. The greedy politicians (the lefty types) that sit on parliament hill come from cities like Hamilton

As long as there are no players nicknamed "Moose" on the team, that would probably work. :wink:

It will be good to see a team here again, no matter what it's called. I'll still be a Ticats fan - always have been, always will. But at least people here will be talking CFL again.

Ottawa football has been around since 1876 and the Rough Rider name came a few years later. Saskatchewan named their team Roughriders many years later, Sask should be forced to change their name. How about wheat kings or something like that or Green Monsters. Bring back the Ottawa Rough Riders


Pick your choices

The Logdrivers!

nice find.