Rough Riders, Renegades or Other?

Rough Riders all the way... Renegades didn't cut it! Apparently Horn Chen is willing to sell the rights to the name for $100,000.

To all those NFL fans who used to roll their eyes at the CFL having two Riders I say -

"...well at least we don't have two teams playing in the same frickin' stadium! Both of whom call themselves New York based while their shared facility is in a swamp in New Jersey!"

On Prime Time Sports earlier this week, Tom Wright confirmed that the figure that Horn Chen wanted the league to pay for the Rough Rider marks was in the area of $50,000 back when the expansion drive that led to the Renegades occured.

I have no problems with a new Ottawa team adopting the Rough Riders name. It is a part of the football heritage of the city and would be a positive development as the Alouettes name's resurfacing was in Montreal.

Oski Wee Wee,


I like Rough Riders for the history but if not ... how about Voyageurs. (Not to be confused with the bus company.)

It's bilingual (the National Capital Region does straddle the provincial border) and reflects Canadian History!

Interesting suggestion...what would the best nick be then? The Voys? The Geurs?

It's not bad because it does have a historical dimension to it...

Oski Wee Wee,

Well, as mentioned in Ottawa foru, Matt Sekeres of Citizen provided a capsule of the three ownership groups. None are considering keeping the Renegades name. So it will either be Rough Riders or some offshoot, or a completely new name. Depends whether they want fans to vote or they'll just choose it themselves.

If not the Rough Riders, how about the Rideau Riders? The Rideau Canal is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about Ottawa....

The ottawa p.e.t's

What better way to throw fear into the oponants.

While some of us actual respect the man, many still have nightmares about him :o