Rough Riders, Renegades or Other?

It appears obvious that the CFL is going to force a team back into a city whos people clearly are indifferent to CFL football. When Ottawa receives another franchise what should they call it?

My vote? Rough Riders.

Rough Riders: It's got history. It's a classic. Old school fans of the RR's can relive some memories. I loved that fact that the CFL had the Roughriders and Rough Riders. Could turn their season series into a special cup. Like the Rider Cup or something.

Renegades: Never liked the name. I find the name is too long. Nobody ever calls them the "Renegades". It's always "The Gades"... that kind of makes me think of "Gators" for some reason. The name has no link to the city or people. I believe it was chosen to match another failed Ottawa team... The Ottawa Rebel of the NLL. Don't quote me on it but I'm pretty sure Renegades was chosen to go with that other team.

Other: Open for suggestion but I don't think any team name will capture hearts like the Rough Riders would.

ps - I also think it's neat how the AHL has 2 Admirals... due to the IHL teams that merged with the AHL.

they should be called the Ottawa MPs because you never know if they still gonna be around after 4 yrs.

They should go with an other name.

Any suggestions?

Ottawa North 49ers.

The Ottawa Zombies....they're always being resurrected!

The Ottawa Bad Penny. Like a bad penny, they keep coming back!

Ottawa Outlaws.. Might be Better to start With a Fresh Name

Rough Riders gets my vote. It’s tradition - and any idiot with an understanding of football history in this country should realise why there were two teams with similar monikers.

There was always something special - and uniquely Canadian?- about seeing Ottawa and Saskatchewan play. (I like the idea of a Rider Cup series as Rusty suggests).

Two things I find so frustrating:

  1. People who think the CFL looks stupid for having two 'Riders (read your histoy folks)…and what about baseball’s Red Sox and White Sox? And Admirals of AHL?).

  2. People who say “Ottawa failed twice, it will fail again”. Read the Montreal Alouettes story, my friends :slight_smile:

Go Riders Go - after the Cats, of course!!

I'd vote for a change but one that picks up on the Rough Rider history.

How about "River Riders".

It honors both the old logging industry guys who guided the logs down the rivers, and enables them to use both "Riders" and the double RR.

my $0.02

Well, since I don't think anyone would like my first choice... the Ottawa Referendums, I'd have to go with Rough Riders.

bobbythefinch wrote:

Rough Riders gets my vote. It's tradition - and any idiot with an understanding of football history in this country should realise why there were two teams with similar monikers
True for sure bobby, I want this also, but the problem in this country is a) there are too many idiots and b) there are too many people who don't respect and know enough of Canadian football history. In high school they should have Canadian sports history as a topic in phys ed class, but then not too many of our phys ed teachers respect and know Canadian history I think.

Canadian Sports History in phys ed? I LIKE THIS IDEA!

If you really want to get into Canadian sports history, take human kinetics (it was physical education when I took it) in university, one of the options will be an entire course, or half/course, on this topic, very, very interesting but lots of reading and some essays.

Desperados or Banditos

and yet, it has the same amount of sylibols as

people call the ti-cats , ticats or cats or your objection makes no sense.

Just a reminder that Ottawa was the
"Rough Riders" two seperate words, not to be confused with the Western

Double RR maybe.

Horn Chen apparently still has trademark of team name and the black R logo.

It's a decent suggestion and has been raised.

Any of the choices has its advantages and disadvantages. RRs have history and tradition but a whole generation of fans under 35 knows little about history and what they do is failure.

Renegades was only a name for four years and doesn't have the history or good record.

Yet going with a third name might cheese off folks here who think it's just being done for a cash grab.

If a third name is considered --- how about "Phoenix." The name fits the circumstances --- apart from any personal motivation. :lol:

and it'd look great with your book too eh... lol

(for the record i was thinkin the same name what with its third re-birth...)

Shhh, we don’t want to be too obvious. 8)

It would be a hoot to hear and read how various TV play-by-play guys or writers handle the contraction or plural version of that name.

Montreal got the great idea to change their name to the Concords.......Not a good idea ...

They revitalised their franchise and changed the name back to Alouettes,what a great idea.

Dito Ottawa!

Try it.

Ottawa Rough Riders,they were and they are always that to me.