Rough Riders or Renegades gear

The Expos logo is popular in Montreal, and some may say more so because they're gone. Is it common to see CFL gear worn around Ottawa? I've been gone too long from that city.

It's not like it's uncommon to see people wear Rough Rider/Renegade gear ( more so Rider gear), but it's not every day you see it. Ottawa is a hockey city, so therefore you will see a ton of Sens/67's gear. I've noticed that mainly seniors wear the gear, for some reason.

I was in Ottawa on Canada Day this year. I saw 1 person in Rough Riders gear, 2 people in Roughriders, 2 in Stamps, and one guy wearing a CFL (or was it CFL on TSN?) shirt. The guy wearing the Rough Riders shirt was pretty young. Late 20s, early 30s, I'd say.

You will see some younger people wearing Rider gear, but it's mainly people who were around for their Glory Days. The same cannot be said for the SSK Riders, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, etc.

And Let me guess, you probably saw THOUSANDS of people with Sens stuff, right? I hate to say it, but Ottawa's just not a football town. People here care WAY too much about hockey.

I mostly saw Canada stuff, actually, since it was Canada day :slight_smile: . Maple leaves, red shirts, red-white-red clown wigs, face paint, etc. etc. But now that you bring it up, I don't remember seeing all that much Sens stuff. The CFL stuff sticks in my mind more, because it's so rare, whereas NHL stuff just fades into the foreground.

Truthfully, I'm more of a hockey guy than football. Although, I think I like the CFL more than the NHL, if you can make sense of that.

True, Ottawa is now more a hockey town than a football town. Funny how not having a team in or near the city will do that. (Please, Hamilton, get that stadium issue resolved.)

So today, you'll see a lot of hockey shirts, hats, jackets (Sens, Habs, and Leafs mostly, with a smattering of every other team, including Les Nordiques), but not that many for the CFL. Occasionally, you'll see a Renegades shirt, and rarely a Rough Riders shirt (don't remember the last time I saw one). And a few Alouettes, mostly in the east end (more Francophones there that the west end).

Back in the Riders' heyday, a lot of people wore the logo on everything, more that wore the '67s logo. By the time I moved back to Ottawa, the year after they folded, only a few people were still wearing it. By then, the Sens had joined the NHL again, so most people had switched to them.

How many people even still own Rough Riders merchandise though? That stuff wears out after a while.

I do see a little at university games. Cripes, the other day I saw a gentleman wearing an Ottawa Bootleggers ballcap at a Sooners game. I would have given my left leg to get it from him, for those who remember that team.

Can't remember the last time I heard about the Bootleggers. What was it, 1992?!

1992 was their last year.

And if you nearly died in the snow during their championship game, that was 1989. :lol:

You probably know that former Riders DE Greg Marshall coached that team. He dropped by our tailgate during what would be the Renegades last game and chatted with our group. I think he talked more about the Bootleggers than any other part of his career. There seems to be a million stories about that team.

I heard that there's a video floating around about one of their seasons, done by Dave Naylor while he was a student, but have not been able to locate it.