Rough Riders again ?

hey ppl after 125 years of the Ottawa Rough Riders it is a very good think to get that name back where it belongs. But we just have to Remember NO MORE :thdn:

no ottawa roughriders AT ALL.

merge the records and make them look like the roughriders, but keep the renegade name.

get jeff hunt as prez. don mathews as coach, and when BC protects buck pierce and Montreal protects Calvillo in the draft, ottawa takes Dickenson and jesse Palmer as QBs...get Ranek back from edmonton, and they will do fine.

just start fresh, forget the name and look torward sumthing new, out with the old in with the new, how cud u even wanna remeber the ottawa rough riders, the franchise that is forbidden to fail. why not try sumthing new! somthing to look to the fututre! get the mold out n put in sum new hard wood floor! haha

Keep the Rough Riders name. There's too much history and tradition to just throw away.

by merging the records with the gades, your not throwing it away.

Well people i have been around with the Ottawa Rough Riders for 4 years 1991-1994, and we had a bunch or great players, and yes the name Rough Riders is a BIG TRADITION here in Ottawa, so keeping the name wqould be the best i think. Get Ron Smeltzer as the head Coach again and Kavis Reed as the Defensive Cordinator

Kavis Reed as the Defensive Cordinator
Yes..please do. someone was gonna say it!

Glad to see that extra year of high school has improved your spelling :lol:

well some people might have a different opinion about bringing the Rough Rider name back to Ottawa but " Once a Rider always a Rider" sorry ppl but my heart is with the Ottawa Rough Riders

You're right Drummer, NO ROUGHRIDERS's ROUGH RIDERS! That whole "Renegades" thing was SO LAME...lousy logo, lousy attempt at sounding edgy and menacing (think "predators"...give me a break). I liked the old homesteader logo on the last Rider helmet, so bring that back, use the new uni design (if you must) and we have our Eastern Conference back!!!

buddy did u go to school to learn how to read

What's up with this thread? Did I miss something? Is it for sure that Ottawa is getting back a CFL team? And is the Rough Rider name available from Horn Chen?

No, not for sure, but rumour has it that Ottawa's return to the CFL will be discussed by the end of this month.

And last I heard is that Horn Chen has always made the name available for a price.

well the last that i have heard is when i contacted the CFL and asked, i was told he would let me know of any of the talks that have been going on he would let me know, and that Horn Chen is asking 150,000 for the name and Bill Palmer is willing to put that money up for the name