Rouge, White and Blue

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Does that poor guy still have a house after Hurricane Katrina?

My house is still standing. There's just not much floor space with all the relatives bunking down.


Bedell, I salute your professionalism. But really, with all that havoc going on in Louisiana, you could take a week or two off work if you need it. Everybody would understand.

If you chose not to do so however, I will keep on enjoying your columns. Glad to see someone this far from the Canadian border likes our game so much.

Take care.

Well done JB, I would be interested to know your take on the Calgary/Edmonton game on Monday and your thoughts on the upcoming rematch on Friday, whenever you get the chance of course.

Keep up the good work! the face of what you and your fellow Louisianans have had to deal with Jack your perseverance to meet a deadline is family's thoughts and prayers are with you and yours......

I really thought Calgary had turned the corner on committing so many game-threatening errors, but Monday's game proved me wrong. The game log reads like a slight revision of the last Stampeders tilt against the Lions--first-half mistakes followed by furious, but failing, comebacks. It just seems like Calgary is prone to giving the ball away or committing a foul at the most inopportune times. It's too hard to recover from those errors against the elite teams in the league.

Tonight's game will be really interesting if Burress can play error-free ball. Even playing in Edmonton, the Stampeders have enough talent on both sides of the ball to come away with the win. That's if they don't give it away. My gut tells me Edmonton carries the day, though.

I agree, although Edmonton has been very prone to mistakes and penalties this season. Their obvious lack of a running game is starting to be very detrimental to the offense. If the weather turns tonight it could have an impact.

I always get a little nervous in anticipation of this game, or maybe that's just butterflies (LOL) cause it's one of the biggest games of the year here. Take care and best wishes.


Hey, mate! good to hear form you! I love your stories abou the CFL! I'm glad to hear that everyone in your family is ok. I have a friend and his boyfriend down in New Orleans, they moved last year. I haven't heard from them yet, but I'm still looking.

There names are:

John Olin
David (something, I can't remember his last name)

Thanks. I'll keep my eye out for Olin on the Red Cross pages. You'll probably hear something soon now that electricity and phone service are coming back all over the region.