Rouge saving end zone kickout plays

One of the CFL's most exciting plays, does anyone know of more of these? Kicking the ball out of the end zone to negate a rouge or safety.

There's of course the 2010 Montreal at Toronto mad scramble finale: 2010?

I located the 72 western final kickout play in a youtube clip of wildest football finishes ever. It's #4 at 3:00 into the clip:

I found another one in a Saskatchewan-Ottawa game with a video clip

[url=] ... 55043.html[/url]

I also found that the 2010 kickout play led to a rule change, previously a player who was knocked out of bounds by contact was eligible to return to the play, the change is now only if the contact is by an OPPOSING player.

[url=] ... ule-change[/url]