Rouge Radio Show 14 with CFLPA President Mike Morreale

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This week on show 14 of 2013 with Tyler Bieber he is joined by CFLPA President Mike Morreale to discuss the on and off field discussion from Eskimos GM Ed Hervey calling out certain players. Tyler also recaps the CFL this week with TSN 1290 Bombers Insider Darrin Bauming and takes your twitter and Facebook questions.

In amateur Canadian football Tyler is joined by John DeNapoli to break some CJFL news from Windsor and Kent Ridley talks CIS scouting rankings.

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Who cares about a players Union president ??? great for the players but not for us fans!!
You know he’s going to talk about more money for players because of the TV contract and more money for head injuries, pensions etc Big costs for teams.

Guess you have no reason to tune in then since surely there are no other topics that will come up right? :roll:

I think Williams could be a very interesting subject.
Perhaps the disciplinary process...for both players and the double standard that when a player goes public and a GM (Hervey).
Maybe the expanded CIS draft.

There are many topics that I would love to hear his take on!