Rouge Radio doing a good job

Yeah, there's still some audio issues and some of the old songs they play are annoying, but these guys are doing a good job. They usually have at least one big-name guest per show. Dave Benefield is on this week. Most of the good stuff from the interview is in the last half.


Just finished listening to episode 6.

Wow, Sperling, I'm noticing tons of improvement from week to week, excellent job dude!

I think Benefield has a tendency to go on and on and on. I get that the guy has great inside information, but he needs to pick his battles. Going on for ten minutes about the past of some guy who's likely training camp fodder is going to get me yawning. Try giving him a time limit per team lol, and get him to go easier on my Argos!

Looking forward to the next episode, as always.

Thanks for your support and feedback guys. We are just trying to get some good people on. Unfortunately some of the teams have not been helpful and have actually said they will not let some of their players on the show. I don't understand as this is a fan league and we want to promote their team. Anyways I kind of understand that they don't want their players on until we have more shows under our belt, but we're still having fun doing this even if one hour show equals 5 hours of work (especially when we have fulltime jobs and families!). The CFL,CIS and CJFL and CFLPA are being great and are helping in every way they can.

Anyways keep the feedback coming, let us know who you want on and want to hear. We are continually working on the sound and trying to get new audios on (let us know what is annoying please). So pass us onto your friends and families so we can show the CFL,CIS and CJFL who puts the C in their league.

Jason Sperling

Teams have no right to prevent players from being interviewed but I guess the players don't want to upset the hand that signs the cheque. let me guess... The Ticats and The Alouettes are two of them.

No those 2 have been helpful. It sucks because i don't want to burn any bridges but this is a fan league and you think the teams would want to get their players out there, as we are a fan show! It's not like we're making ANY money off this. I just have to have patience i guess :lol:

Keep up the good work Jason. Looking forward to next week's show.

Pretty decent podcast, every week seems to improve on the week before. Helps me get through my work for an hour once a week. I don find David Benefield to be a bit dull though. He has some interesting things to say every know and then, but he always talks about the size of guys. I don't need him to tell me the height and weight of every player. Makes for a little bit of a dull interview. Maybe if he was cut down a bit as another poster suggested, it wouldn't be so bad. All in all, good product and I'm glad I stumbled upon it on iTunes a month ago. Keep up the good work.