Rouge Radio: Covering the CFL, CIS and CJFL

I just came across this new online radio program called Rouge Radio. It looks like their first podcast will be during Draft week. Hopefully it's done well and kept updated etc. If it is it could really be something special. :thup:


They also have a page on facebook ... all&ref=mf

I sure hope so, I bought The Rouge Magazine back when it was around and sad when they couldn't continue.


Site looks great.

How come I can't listen to the whole Duval interview?

I also questioned that, so i emailed and they said its a little teaser to get you to come back when they do their first broadcast April 26. Its actually a good idea, I'm gonna listen to see how he answers that question.

I asked Andre Talbot what his feelings were like getting traded from his hometown the argos and having to go to the green and gold. What question would you ask these guys.

New tag line: Rouge Radio, your single point of contact for Canadian football :smiley:


Anyone finding the volume of the first show is really quiet? I have my laptop volume jacked and can barely hear it.

I just downloaded it, and yes, i'm having the same volume issues. Hopefully they can get this fixed because it's almost a waste of a 2.5 hour podcast.

They asked me to speak this Saturday regarding the CFL Video Game. I will also try to sling a few insults at Edmontonians and French Canadians to boost my profile. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like it.

Same here, tried listening to it last night, volume is too low and its unbearable. Sounds like one of the guys isin a closet... Can't judge the content cause I could not stick with it long enough.

Will Rouge Radio be covering this game ?- viewtopic.php?f=1&t=53227

Thanks guys for your feedback. Can anyone confirm if the quality is better now? I tweaked it last night. thanks for all your support and feedback, I know the first one was really long and we'd like to keep it down to about an hour a week so bare with us, we just want another outlet for canadian football.

Jason Sperling



I'm about halfway through and I made some notes.

  •           Volume is a little better, i wouldn't spend any more time tweaking this episode but maybe be mindful for the future.
  • Liked the interviews the best, especially with CJFL and CIS officials.

  • I thought Sperling’s questions sounded a little forced and unnatural, like he was reading them word for word off a page. It was more noticable toward the beginning, seemed to get better as the clip went on.

  • Both hosts need to ask follow-up questions. Really listen to what the guest is saying and draw out the key insights that they can provide. Sperling, I thought in particular, would wait until the end of an answer and say “hmm, interesting…? and then move to the next question.

  • I would have liked the hosts to ask CIS and CJFL officials more specific insider questions. Rather than saying “how’s everything going?? or “is there anything else going on in this conference??, ask about the return of Carleton’s football program, it’s association with John Ruddy and the CFL ownership group in Ottawa, etc. There’s also the Manitoba Bisons partnering with the Bombers for a stadium. Ask the OFC officials about the launch of their varsity and JV programs. Push the guests to comment on things we can’t hear anywhere else.

  • In Ontario, there’s an excellent story at the Varsity level. Three leagues: OFC, OVFL, and OMFL are all competing for players and legitimacy as the premier league. The umbrella organization, the OFA, is trying to mediate an accommodation. Very interesting to see how the rules, philosophies, and egos will clash in the years ahead.

But I'm really enjoying it and am seeing a lot of effort put in. I'm looking forward to becoming a regular listener.

If you're looking for inspiration, there's actually a pretty good Canadian soccer podcast out there called "It's Called Football" (I know, obnoxious title) that has a pretty good thing going. The audio can be found here: and there's also video clips:

Looking forward to the next episode.

Thanks for all your support and feedback, we have done our second show, the quality should be better, the length is shorter and we asked more questions,


Great show! Love that there is finally some major pressure being put onto CFL about making a video game. Can't wait for next weeks show! :thup:


Excellent show! Huge improvement over last week's, in my opinion.

  1. I thought the summary at the beginning was a little long, but maybe that's just me. Maybe go a little more in depth on a few more significant news items rather than trying to hit every single thing that's happened.

  2. CIS guy was good, liking the university coverage. Something I'd be interested in is hearing from someone from Simon Fraser about their decision to leave CIS and start playing American ball.

  3. Taurean Allen interview was awesome, just the kind of interview I would turn in for. Stories that I can't get anywhere else.

  4. The Aussie was a riot, I was in stitches.

  5. Best discussion of the CFL video game I've ever heard. I used to be a skeptic about the viability of a CFL game, consider me converted.

  6. Quality of the AJ Gass interview was good, but seemed a little long.

Again, great job, looking forward to next week.

I listened to part of the show. I am impressed with what you guys are doing. Great to have some Canadian Football news.
Look forward to new podcasts.

Another great show this week, guys! It was cool to hear my two cents on the all star game make air for Jock Clime.

The sound quality seems to be coming along a little bit more each week, i'm sure it will take a while to get all of the kinks out, but it's coming along nicely. :thup:

Good listen! The Westwood and Climie interviews are pretty interesting.

The idea of a Grey Cup Champion vs. All-Stars game is intriguing, but I doubt we'll see it any year soon for reasons that Climie brought up.