Rouge Question

Does anybody know how many games in the history of the CFL have been decided by the rouge? That is, how many games in the history of the CFL have there been there where the loser would've been the winner and the winner would've been the loser had the rouge not been there?

Just curious.

That seems an almost impossible question to answer…

I can remember being at dozens of one point games…cant remember if they were won on rouges or not. And I dont even get to 1/8th of the games per year.

I know that a couple of years back, there was an overtime game between Sask and BC. Sask didnt get any points on their first possesion, and Wally elected on first down to have the Lions punt it through the endzone. This did not go over well, they didnt get the point and wound up losing. I have seen a few CIS games on TSN back in the early 90’s (CIAU back then) where teams would try k,icking a field goal out of the end zone late, rather than punt, but that also back fired…

The rouge is not an “easy one point” victory at all really…

I remember a game in the late 70s (?) between Winnipeg and (I think) Sask. Sask was attempting a field goal on the last play of the game and Winnipeg placed its punter in the end zone to kick the ball out if the attempt was wide. It was, he kicked it out, a Sask player (can't remember if it was the PK or not) caught it and kicked it back into the end zone, where the Winnipeg kicker caught it and kicked it out of bounds upfield and Winnipeg won. That's the closest I can recall to a single point being the immediate decisive difference.

A few years ago I looked at every Grey Cup game and tried to determine if any were decided by a single point. Was it the last point scored, and therefore the deciding point in the game? I believe I could not find one game where that was the case. I don't think even the 1909 game, in which there was something like nine rouges, was decided by a last-score single.

The single is nowhere near the big deal some think it is, especially when it comes to deciding games. No doubt it has happened, but anybody would be hard pressed to come up with an example without careful research.

The 21st Grey Cup game December 9th 1933 won by Toronto Argonauts over Sarnia Imperials by a score of 4-3. Summary says: No touchdowns were scored. With further reading about this game Sarnia tied the score at 3 in the fourth quarter with a rouge, but Toronto answered back with a single of their own, which was helped set up by a Sarnia fumble. It turned out to be the winning point as the Argos hung on for the win. However, not sure if this is of any help to the Rouge question where a game was decided by 1 point.

Games are usually determined by all the other non-rouge points scored.

Is there a hidden point to the original question (like it is bad/good that a game can be decided by a single?).

The only time the single really matters or when anyone pays attention is when it is a tie game and a kick or punt into or through the end-zone can win the game. And, yes, I remember a couple of kick-in-kick-out-kick-in-kick-out-of-bounds events. Makes for much more interesting game-end than killing the clock with a big lead.

Agreed the kicking rules in Canadian football are more inline with"football". IMO the Single influences EVERY game when one is scored. however it is obviously not kept track of. E.I. Hamilton had a 9 to 6 point lead during the game against the Bombers, this would have been a two point lead because the Ticats missed a convert attempt.

When a game is down to the final 3 minutes , all singles scored(or not scored) come into play because a team could be down by 4 and would need a TD instead of a F.G. the Rouge is indeed a gamebreaker or maker!

It hasn't happened yet, and may never happen, but if a team wins a grey cup by kicking a missed field goal out of bounds, I am sure they'll be some rule changes. I am coming to accept the rouge as I get older, but would like the rule to be tweaked a bit.

I would like to see the rogue eliminated on punts and field goal attempts that pass out the sidelines of the Endzone. This would eliminate the 'consolation' point for a failed coffin corner attempt.

I stand corrected. Apparently there was ONE game, out of 97 so far, that was decided by a last-score single, and it happened 66 years ago.

Thanks for your info/research rpaege. Some questions posted on here involves alot of google researching, not in every case mind you. All in all, we are doing our best to contribute and pass along our views to others on this forum. :thup:

Maybe return team should be forced to attempt a return or give up 2 points. p.s. There is no reward for failure only point against for failure to return the ball out of endzone, i e think Canadian football not American football. 8)

Curiosity mainly. Up until recently, my interest in CFL has been limited to looking at the standings in the newspaper on Monday morning (which is more than I do for most other sports), but lately I've been paying a lot more attention to it. I hadn't even heard of the rouge until last year, but it seems to generate a lot of discussion. It just got me wondering "Would it even matter if they eliminated that rule?"

Some people have answered in terms of a rouge on the last few minutes of the game, when the score is tied or close to being tied, which is a reasonable interpretation of my question. What I was wondering, though, is what would happen to the overall outcome of the games if 0 points were awarded for field goal attempts unless the ball went through the uprights, regardless of whether that happened at the beginning or the end of the game, or anywhere in between.

1939 - Winnipeg won the Grey Cup by a score of 8-7. Winnipeg has 3 singles while Ottawa had one. Remove the single point and Ottawa wins 6-5. Of course strategy may have changed a little as well. In the last minute of the game, Winnipeg chose to have Art Stevenson punt for the winning single from the 23 yard line and Orville Burke kicked the ball out of the end zone. On the next play, Stevenson punted again, this time from the Ottawa 8 yard line - game winning single. If the single was not an option, it seems likely that Winnipeg would have moved the ball to the center of the field to attempt a game winning field goal.

You also can't focus on 1 point games either.

1962 - West Final - Winnipeg & Calgary are tied at 1 win apiece. Last play Gerry James attempts a FG to win the game, a single sends the game to overtime. James missed the FG. With the ball bouncing on the ground, Calgary's Harvey Wylie tried to kick the ball out of the end zone. He misfired on the kick and Winnipeg's Farrell Funston recovered for the game winning TD. Winnipeg won 12-7 and would go on to win the Grey Cup the following week.

1974 - Toronto was leading Winnipeg 13-12 on the final play of the game. Walt McKee kicked the ball into the end zone. Toronto's Peter Muller tried to kick the ball out of the endzone but it was blocked by Paul Williams - Jim Heighton recovered for the TD. Winnipeg won 18-13

thanks stat man :thup:
Re: Montreal @ B.C. july 16 game-
" Field Goals Name FG XP Single Pts
DUVAL, D 6 / 4 0 / 0 2 14
Field Goals Name FG XP Single Pts
MCCALLUM, P 1 / 1 1 / 1 "
B.C. conceeded 2 rouges and a safety
giving the Al's a 4 point win . Note- the 4 point lead affected the play calling on B.C.'s last drive.

Along the lines of Mass' comment after Stats Man's and Rpaege's excellent research, I was thinking about this post for sake of Montreal when watching that game last night.

Again as a new fan, sometimes like on that prudent quick-kick off the kick-off in the Toronto-Winnipeg game, as strange as this sounds a rouge ends up much of the time as if it were a downing or fair catch of a goal like in soccer.

Quirky and I've been called far worse I know, but singles/rouges in the CFL actually make more sense to me now considering also the history of football in general before even the FA in 1871 a decade before the gridiron codes.

The only thing I still don't like about them is that one would be scored even if the ball were to go straight out-of-bounds in the goal area/end zone, but we've had that discussion before months ago on a separate thread. I have not noticed one of those yet this season though.