Rouge et Or - beginnings of a CIS trend maybe?

Watched on The Score this morning a piece on how in Quebec City the fans of the Rouge et Or tailgate early and hard and have a great time at the games and they get great crowds to their games there. I'm wondering if this ever spreads to other CIS teams and cities if the CIS would become huge in this country. I don't know, I was impressed with this clip I saw on this team.

CIS is horrible, i went to the games, they dont serve beer, the food is garbage, you cant hear the stadium announcer, too many timeouts, games take too long, cheerleaders aren't even that hot.

No beer? Ok, enough said, thanks iceman for this info.

i can watch a football game without beer as long as its exciting, but watching U of T play York was like hearig someone scratch their nails on a chalkboard.

I've heard that the word 'football' is a dirty word at U of T where only prissy teatollers are employed.

You can't judge the entire league on one game... especially U of T vs. York. Those two teams have been the punching bags of the OUA for as long as I've been paying attention... watch the other teams play, there's some really good football out there.

Case in point, the Huskies at Manitoba last saturday.... great game, absolutely great!! Sure, I'm a U of S alum, so there is some bias there, but it was a very good game. The game before on the Score, the U of O vs. Laurier was pretty alright too.

And although I haven't been to a Huskie game in Saskatoon for a long time, when the Dinos hosted them, they were serving beer at the game.

Which Is Really Too Bad, That The Pioneer Of The Sport Has Been Reduced To A Team That When People Say 'They Have A Good Shot This Year' They're Refering To The Fact That They Have A Go Shot At Beating York.

But This Tread Is About The Rest Of The Country. A Friend Of Mine Is A Bison And He Says That Football Is King In Winnipeg, The Team Runs The City. I Was Working And The Skydome During The '03 And '04 Vanier Cups And Both Years There Was A Great Turnout. Laval Got A Better Turnout Then I Had Seen All Year For The Jays, And Saskatchewan, Well Let's Just Say The Amount Of Money SportsCo Made On Beer Sales Saved Them From Filing Chapter 11.

Plus, I know the stadium's only going to hold approx. 10,000 people for the Vanier in Saskatoon, but it's university ball in the middle of the prairies at the end of November... and it's been sold out since sometime this summer, if I remember correctly.

University football is doing well it would seem....

ya there is definetly beer sold in Saskatoon.
CIS is alive and well in Saskatoon, and other places in the can west div

As for tail gates, we don't have tonnes. My friends and I have often thrown tailgates on top of the parking structure across from the stadium, but its usually just 5-15 friends.

Watch the games this weekend, Should be good

Haven’t been to a Varsity Blues game this year but last year there was definately beer. You need it. What’s the Varsity Blues victory song they sing after winning? no one remembers it anymore. A few players thought of looking it up a couple years ago but were afraid they would be jinxed. Maybe they looked it up after all? And yes, as an Alumn I was quite upset that the new Varsity Staduim plan with the Argos was nixed by the U after some nervous higher-ups at Trinity College were concerned about the possible racous behaviour that might come with a new Football stadium in their backyard. Trinity just so happens to be the most influential college at UofT IMO. What they didn’t realize is that football also has a long history at Varsity and uoft in general. What a bunch of wads.

That's great for Laval. Can't say the same thing for Queens U. in Kingston. There definitely isn't the kind of spirit that you mention in Quebec city or Manitoba. I would say at best 4,000 people in a stadium that can hold upwards of 10,000.

The exception being homecoming. Of course Queens hasn't been all that competitive in the last number of years.

u of t made a big mistake not spending money to accomodate cfl football, if the u of t athletic dep.t was serious they could have marketed their games along with argos and held double-headers, they are located close to every media outlet and could have had tonnes of hype, exposure, and those kids could have been stars, u of t is cheeap, with all the money the school makes they coudl easily build a powerhouse team like ncaa schools have in the states.

Like I say, U of T and prissy boring teatotaller types just go hand in hand, other than some brighter lights like you Esq, good on ya.